• How to play pretty ballads with just two chords

    Today’s post will be fun because I’m going to show some of my newbies how to play something you hear all the time.

    From Mariah Carey to Fred Hammond and Andre Crouch, every artist has had their share of the slow “ballad” — and more specifically, the type that simple moves down the scale, note for note.

    Here are some samples just so you know what I’m talking about…

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    You don’t have to be a math whiz to master “2-5-1” chord progressions in every key

    math-supersmall.jpgSo you’ve probably heard of “2-5-1” chord changes. To the beginner, they may sound intimidating.

    But give me 7 minutes and I’ll give you the secret to playing chord progressions in all 12 keys without having to do much thinking…

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    The Secrets to Playing Contemporary Worship Music

    Let me start by saying that you’ll be shocked to learn that playing more contemporary does not involve making up “new” chords. In fact, in GospelKeys X “Urban and Contemporary Worship,” one of the most commonly mentioned chords is the “major seventh” chord. Now, don’t get me wrong… You’ve probably played a major seventh chord […]

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