• Here’s a foolproof guide that’ll have you naming chords correctly… TONIGHT!

    checklistsmall.jpgYesterday’s lesson was one of my longest yet. And it was worth it! I took you through a foolproof method for naming chords correctly. And many of you were helped tremendously (per your comments and radio show feedback last night).

    Today, I want to make it even plainer…

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    At Last! A foolproof method for naming chords

    foolproofsmall.jpgAs you know, a lot of my blog posts have exercises at the end that invite readers to participate. One exercise might be to figure out the same chord voicing in all 12 keys, with each reader taking a key of their own (I love those!). Others are more complex.

    And while these have been an overwhelming success, sometimes I’ve noticed some common mistakes when it comes to naming chords…

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    How to Correctly Identify Intervals Part 2

    Last month, you learned the fundamentals to determining the name of an interval. Just to recap, here’s the chart I posted in my last online classroom lesson.     Number of letters counted Generic interval name 1 unison 2 second 3 third 4 fourth 5 fifth 6 sixth 7 seventh 8 octave (eighth)     […]

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    How to Correctly Identify Intervals Part 1

    I’ve seen this subject taught by many people. Sometimes, it gets confusing for the starter. Sometimes, it makes perfect sense.   As always, it is my goal to break down this concept so clearly that EVERYONE will be able to understand it with minimal questions.     First, let’s define the term “interval.”   What […]

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