• Ask Jermaine: “Transposition and Modulation”

    Every other Monday night, we hold a live “Question & Answer” session in our Gospel Music Training Center and last night we got a great question from Miriam Tierno in NY: “What is the difference between Transposition and Modulation?”

    So I’m going to repeat my answer concerning transposition and modulation here on the blog for everyone to see.

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    How I quickly learn songs in all 12 keys

    robothands-small.jpgSo this isn’t going to be easy but if you’re committed, you can learn to play in ALL 12 keys… not just one. I’ll lay out 2 ways to do it. One way, I learned about 16 years ago and still use at times. The other way is more involved, but will help your understanding of music a lot better…

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