• A Lesson On The Classification Of Scales

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    We’re exploring the classification of scales according to culture area, usage, note aggregate, etc., in this lesson.

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    If You Love The Major Scale, You’ll Also Love The Lydian Scale

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    If you’re interested in learning another major scale, this introductory lesson on the lydian scale is for you.

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    These Neighboring Triads Can Help You Remember the Major Scale In All 12 Keys

    remember the major scale

    Today, I’ll be showing you another formation approach that’ll help you remember the major scale.

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    3 Guidelines To The Proper Spelling Of Scales

    spelling of scales

    We’ll be looking at common errors associated with the spelling of scales give you guidelines that will ensure that you’ll always spell scales correctly.

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    What Charles Barkley Could Teach You About Playing Major Scales Flawlessly

    major scales

    In this lesson, we explore fingering for half of the major scales using the number Charles Barkley wore on his jersey!

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    Are you naming your scales correctly?

    For the past couple of days, I’ve been stuck on teaching you how to name chords correctly.

    Today, I want to shift the focus to scales because I’ve seen many people incorrectly write their major scales. For example, here’s are some common mistakes…

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    Why the circle of fourths is so important when learning major scales

    circle of fifths smallThe “circle of fourths,” aka “circle of fifths” is great for illustrating how music flows and how real songs are created. But few have used the circle to actually learn (or “re-learn”) their scales and unravel the relationships between the various major keys…

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