• Major and Minor Chords – “If You Know Your Major, You Know Your Minor” (Part 2)

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    To pick up where we left off yesterday, I’d like to talk about the connection between major and minor chords. You now realize that you can form any minor scale by knowing the relative major scale it’s connected to. In other words, you can play the “A minor” scale if you already know the notes of the “C major” scale because they’re related. Here’s how to apply this same understanding to chords…

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    A 15-Second Trick To Transform Major 7 Chords Into Minor 9 Chords!

    In music, when you get this one single concept, it unlocks the door to many things!

    The 6th tone of any major scale is your gateway to “minor!”

    Just remember the 6th tone. That’s it.

    For example, if you take a regular C major scale (C D E F G A B C) and start and end on the 6th tone without changing any of the notes, you’ll get an “A minor” scale (A B C D E F G A).

    The same applies for chords…

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    There’s always a “major” in a “minor”… and a “minor” in a “major!”

    advancedmusiciansmall.jpgToday, I want to share a concept that a lot of beginners still don’t get.

    There’s not much difference in playing major and minor chords when you think the way I think.

    In fact, as the title loudly declares: There’s a major chord in every minor chord and a minor chord in every major chord.

    Sure, this isn’t apparent in smaller triads, but it’s clear in seventh chords and up, when carefully analyzed.

    First, let me start this discussion by showing you how…

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    Play Kirk Franklin’s “Imagine Me” With Just 4 Chords!

    Ok… it’s a little more than 4 chords.

    But the main part is just 4 chords as you’ll soon see.

    I’m just going to list them here with my piano image tool but you’ll need to check out this post to see the full video!

    (I’m a little sleep deprived. My wife is begging me to got get some rest so after this post, I think I better go sleep!!!)

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