• Who Else Wants to Know What Chromatic Dissonant Intervals Are?

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    Chromatic Dissonant Intervals are dissonant intervals formed from the combination of a bass note and accidental tones on the key of the bass note. In this lesson, you’ll learn these intervals and their unique relationship.

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    Forming Seventh Chords Using Diatonic Dissonant Intervals

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    Learn the role of diatonic dissonant intervals in forming seventh chords like major 7ths, minor 7ths, and dominant 7ths, and more.

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    The Relationship Between Diatonic Dissonant Intervals

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    Dissonance is the inharmonious outcome of the relationship between two notes heard melodically (one after the other) or harmonically (together). In this post, we’ll explore dissonance related to the diatonic major scale.

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