• Finally, The Devil’s Interval Made It To Church

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    We’re learning about the devil’s interval (aka – “tritone”), [which is one of the most fascinating intervals] in this lesson.

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    Scale Formation: Casting Out The Devil In Music

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    In medieval times (400AD – 1400AD), the intervals of an augmented fourth or a diminished fifth were known as “the devil in music.” Learn what happens when you cast this interval out of the major scale.

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    The “Devil In Music” – Tritones vs Augmented 4ths & Diminished 5ths

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    There’s an element in music that has generated a lot of controversies over the years. In the Middle Ages (400AD – 1400AD), it was called the “devil in music” (aka – “diabolus in musica”) and in the eighteenth century, playing it could put you at the risk of being excommunicated. That thing is the “tritone.” Learn more about it in this post.

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