• FINALLY CRACKED! How (and why) to use the circle of fifths to learn every chord in ALL 12 keys…

    Wow, what can I say…

    I think I’ve started something here…

    The last few weeks, I’ve been trying out a new format
    by taking really good questions from students and not only
    answering them personally, but sending them to our entire
    mailing list.

    This has resulted in a lot of love — and even MORE
    questions from dedicated students all around the world. I’ve
    received at least a good couple hundred questions that could
    easily keep me busy sending responses like this for years…

    But here’s one that made the top of the list. I think
    you’ll really be helped by my reply to Tyler. It’s long but
    packed with details. About 5 lessons in one.

    PRINT THIS OUT because it really is *that* important.


    ***Comment From Tyler N***

    Hi Jermaine,

    Dude, you are incredible. Your knowledge of theory is on
    another planet. Thanks for what you do man, for real.

    I’m trying to learn all 12 keys and I happen…

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    VIDEO LESSON: The MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE to playing almost any song out there (FREE link to yet another 12pg report included)…

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    Let’s squash this once and for all… Is it really “circle of fifths” or “circle of fourths?”

    Here it is…

    The famous circle! Some people call it the “circle of fifths.” Others call it the “circle of fourths.”

    Who’s right… who’s wrong?

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    Why the circle of fourths is so important when learning major scales

    circle of fifths smallThe “circle of fourths,” aka “circle of fifths” is great for illustrating how music flows and how real songs are created. But few have used the circle to actually learn (or “re-learn”) their scales and unravel the relationships between the various major keys…

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    Effectively Practicing with Circle of Fifths Patterns

    In this online classroom, I’m going to share a few exercises that you can literally start implementing in your practice routines immediately!   Keep in mind that these exercises can also be used as slow progressions or warm-up pieces. They follow the classic circle of fifths pattern and will not only help you to memorize […]

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