• Here’s an exercise that’ll get you to remember “couples” tonight

    In yesterday’s lesson, I talked about couples.

    The premise was basically to look at chord progressions as small little “couples.” (When I say “couple,” I’m specifically talking about a pair of chords… just two.)…

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    Who else wants to discover the power of coupling?

    In 2004, GospelKeys 202 got a lot of buzz because I introduced a concept I call “coupling.” The premise was basically to look at chord progressions as small “couples.” A couple or pair is 2!

    When you think in terms of “couples,” you to focus on two things…

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    How to combine chords and couples to create endless possibilities

    If you’ve been following me for some time, you know that I love to teach students how to master systems and patterns. This lesson is no different. We’re going to explore various chords from my newest GospelKeysTM 202 course (…don’t worry if you don’t have this course yet — I’ll post the chords I want […]

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    10 Video Lessons On Mastering Worship Chords

    In this month’s online classroom, I’m going to share with you a few video clip lessons from the GospelKeysTM 202 video course. I’ve selectively pulled out clips that I think you’ll benefit from, whether you consider the entire course or not. Before I introduce the video clips, it is important that you understand the whole […]

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