• Who Else Is Interested In Playing Cyclical Progressions Tonight?

    cyclical progressions

    In this lesson, we’ll explore playing cyclical progressions using “part-over-root” voicings of seventh chords.

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    Introduction to Cyclical Progressions

    Cyclical Progressions

    In today’s post, we’ll be learning about cyclical chord progressions. Cyclical chord progressions are among the most common and strongest chord progressions in music. Learn all about them in this lesson.

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    Who else wants to discover the power of coupling?

    In 2004, GospelKeys 202 got a lot of buzz because I introduced a concept I call “coupling.” The premise was basically to look at chord progressions as small “couples.” A couple or pair is 2!

    When you think in terms of “couples,” you to focus on two things…

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    The secret to using circular chord progressions in ballads…

    circle of fifths smallFor the past couple of days, we’ve been talking about slow ballads. If you’re just now tuning in, I recommend you check out both Tuesday and Wednesday’s lesson.

    Today, I’m going to show you how to take it even further! Right now, you know how to play a very popular ballad movement from the past two lessons — and the best part is that you’ve only used TWO chords!

    So, how do we venture outside of these two chords? I’m glad you asked…

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