• Chord alterations, “add X,” half diminished 7 chords, and more…

    Here is a question that came in from Chris Myhre:

    Flat 9, flat 5, flat 7th… this stuff is confusing — and for that matter the ADD 9, ADD 5, ADD 6, and the #9, #5 as well. I guess I should also throw in the half-diminished chords, whatever those are. I’m still trying to figure it out. It all sounds beautiful but it seems that a #9 would be a minor note and a flat 7th is still just a regular 7th. It’s hard to understand why the notation has to be so complicated. Maybe things will become more apparent as I go along and learn more.

    Anyway, I hope to understand more of this as I go along and I appreciate what you have done. God bless,


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your question…

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    How small changes to chords can lead to HUGE results!

    Today’s post is going to be very exciting because we’re going to finish off our ballad we started a few days ago.

    If you remember, we started playing this ballad with just TWO chords. Then it turned into a few more. Yesterday, we actually added a turnaround chord progression. Today, we’re adding seventh chords and even a suspended chord. Check it out…

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