• Who Else Wants To Learn What Borrowed Chords Are?

    Today, let’s talk about borrowed chords.

    They are chords literally borrowed from what we call the “parallel” minor or major key.

    Let’s not mix up “parallel” with “relative.”

    If we were in the key of C, as we’ve learned in other lessons, A, the 6th degree of C, is the relative minor of C. Likewise, C is the relative major of A. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

    Parallel keys have the same tonic note… or home base. That means…

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    The art of borrowing chords

    Here’s a topic I’ve never talked about before. And it’s powerful.

    It’s the idea of “borrowing” chords. But in order to understand it, let me teach you what the term “parallel key” means…

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