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    Our focus in today’s lesson is on the right hand chords for the G bass note.

    This is the eighth lesson in our twelve days of Christmas series and we’re getting started with the answer to the question “what is a G bass note?”.

    “What Is A G Bass Note”

    G is considered as a bass note when it is the lowest-sounding note of any given chord. For example, the lowest-sounding note in the chord below:

    …is G:

    Although the G bass note can be used in any key, we’ll be considering the G bass note:

    …in the key of C major:

    G As “The 5”

    In the key of C major:

    …G is the fifth tone and has its place in the number system as “the 5”. When the G bass note is functioning as “the 5”, the right hand chord will be a scale-tone chord: be it a triad, seventh, or extended chord.

    What this means is that chords associated with the G bass note when it’s functioning as “the 5” are chords in the key you’re in and we’ll be covering those chords shortly.

    Attention: The G bass note functions as “the 5” and the “the 5-of-1” at the same time.

    Right Hand Chords For G As “The 5”

    Attention: Right hand chords for the G bass note as “the 5” depends on factors like skill level, musical taste, etc. There are situations that an advanced player may want to use basic chords instead of sophisticated chords.


    Beginners may want to play any of the following right hand chords for the G bass note:

    G major triad (root position):

    G major triad (first inversion):

    G major triad (second inversion):

    G dominant seventh chord (root position):


    Intermediate players may want to play right hand chords like:

    The B half-diminished seventh chord  (root position):

    The D minor sixth chord (root position):

    The B diminished seventh chord  (root position):


    Advanced players may want to play the following chords:

    The F major seventh chord (root position):

    The F major seventh [b5] chord (root position):

    The F diminished major seventh chord (root position):

    …or fourth chords like:

    The F maj7sus#4:

    The B 7sus#4:

    Final Words

    Using the right hand chords covered in this lesson, I’m sure that you’ve got a right hand chord for the G bass note in the key of C major; irrespective of your skill level.

    See you in the next lesson.

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