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    In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting the importance of direction and speed.

    As a musician, what does speed and direction mean to you? The word speed is usually used to depict the rapidity of the movement of a person or object while direction is the course along which something or someone moves.

    Having a sense of speed means that a person or object is actually moving at a fast rate, while having a sense of direction is about knowing one’s bearing.

    These are two important things that influence our lives and destinies.

    Direction For The Destination

    We are all headed to somewhere in life. We may not have gotten to where we want to be, but we’re doing what we can to move from “here” to “there.”

    Where you eventually want to get to in life is called your destiny, and the path that leads to it is like a destination. Every destination has a direction. Using the wrong direction, you can never get to the right destination.

    As a young boy, I loved SEGA games so much that I could spend an entire day before the screen playing car racing games.

    In one of the car racing occasions, I swerved in a certain manner and found myself in an entirely different game environment and when I continued speeding in that direction, I began seeing a symbol on the screen, indicating that I was speeding in the wrong direction.

    “When am I in the wrong direction just when I thought I was close up on my opponent?” I said to myself, continuing in the wrong direction. That was how I lost the race eventually.

    What made me lose out in the car racing game can make anyone lose out in the game of life. You can’t get to your destiny (where you want to be) if you’re not using the right direction.

    A sense of direction is what distinguishes one musician from the other. We all are headed to different destinations in life, and different destinations through different directions. While some are called to be pianists, others are called to be bassists, drummers, violinists, etc.

    Find the right direction for yourself today. That everyone is rushing towards music production doesn’t mean it’s your right direction. You are created with a destiny and you must find the path that will lead you there.

    Always remember that the right path most of the time is narrow, crooked, and lonely. So many people have ended up in the wrong place in destiny, simply because they lost their sense of direction.

    Need For Speed

    After having a sense of direction in life, getting there on time becomes of essence.

    Have you heard the proverb the says ‘make hay while the sun shines’? Believe it or not, getting to your god-given destination on time is important. To be honest, getting there at 72 is good, but how about getting there at 27?

    Accomplishing feats on time, meeting up with your set goals in time are traits that successful people have in common, especially in the 21st century where everyone believes in speed. Who, in this time and age would want to use a slow data connection? The answer is “nobody.”

    We are living in a smart generation where speed counts.

    “When Direction Meets Speed…”

    You already know how great a musician you want to be and that you need both direction and speed to get there. A sense of direction lets you know what path to take at every point in time, no matter how painful it is or the sacrifices involved.

    Here are the two things that are likely to happen if you lack either speed or direction…

    1. You may get there with direction, but you may not get there on time if you don’t have speed.
    2. If you have speed and you are moving in the wrong direction, you can never arrive the right destination.

    To avoid these two situations, ensure that you have a sense of direction and speed.

    No matter how you speed in the wrong direction you can never get to the right destination.

    Final Words

    At this point, it’s necessary for me to say that direction and speed is not everything. Speed without precision is accident waiting to happen! So, while having a sense of speed and direction, add precision to it.

    All the best!

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