• Remembering Oscar Peterson: Jazz Blues Form, Bass Lines, Riffs & Cross Over Licks

    oscar peterson

    Every 23rd of December, all ardent fans of Oscar Peterson across the globe remember his death. If you are a lover of jazz blues piano, you’ll enjoy this post.

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    How Blues Influenced Jazz

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    After getting an e-mail from a concerned student who bought Jazz 101 and was questioning why it focused primarily on the “12 bar blues” instead of “jazz,” I wanted to shed some light on blues’ connection to jazz and how there wouldn’t be jazz as we know it without blues. This article by the “Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz” puts it perfectly.

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    Discover the shortcut to playing minor pentatonic scales

    About a month ago, I posted a lesson on how to play pentatonic scales. As you learned in that post, this scale is called “pentatonic” because it has 5 notes. “Penta” is an ancient Greek prefix meaning “five.”

    We unraveled the numerical names for other scales too. Like… [more]

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    Who else wants to play bass lines like Ray Charles?

    ray-charles-small.jpgWhen I was a kid, one of the first things I learned how to do was play bass lines. Blues bass lines, in fact. You know those ones you’d hear Ray Charles rumbling on his left hand. Heck, those bass lines were what gave me the confidence to keep going because I could actually play something that sounded like something… hehe…

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    12-Bar Blues You Can Use!

    In this post, I’m going to break down the main movements in James Wrubel’s “12 Bar Blues” video lesson. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play blues, now’s your chance!

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