• How Would You Like 3 Free Gospel Video Lessons?

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    If you’re a gospel musician or dream of becoming one, I have a treat for you today. At GospelMusicTraining.com, we’ve taken 3 videos out of our vast 300-hour library of gospel lessons and posted them absolutely free. All you gotta do is head over to¬†GospelMusicTraining.com, fill out the form that says, “3 Free Gospel Lessons,” […]

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    From GMTC: “Praise Him In Advance”

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    This clip comes from the Gospel Music Training Center. It features the “Professor of Phatness” (Jonathan Powell) playing “Praise Him In Advance.”

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    Brand New! Musician Breakthrough 14-Disc Program Launching on April 20, 2011! New Video Trailer

    I know you’ve probably been wondering what happened to Musician Breakthrough… the 14-disc, 16+ hour project we announced at the end of last year.

    In fact, tons of you have been e-mailing, calling, and contacting us on facebook wondering what happened.

    Before we postponed it, we had over 16,700 people signed up on the early bird list, over 711 comments, over 5,200 votes, and tons of buzz.

    But we had to make it perfect. It’s 12 discs and over 16 hours with 7 different musicians… not an easy task to get right but we did it…

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