• What A Near-Death Experience Taught Me

    I jumped in.

    Ferociously paddling my arms and legs like I had observed the other children doing, I tried to get back above water but nothing happened. I just sank deeper and deeper.

    As I looked up, all I could see was dozens of legs kicking… and… blue water.

    Water gushed through my nose and mouth; my ears now flooded. I paddled incessantly for dear life. Surely someone could see me.

    10 seconds passed… 20 seconds… 30 seconds… 40 seconds… a minute.

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    Time to Share Some Family Pics

    If you’ve been with me long enough, you’ve seen me grow from a skinny, goofy teenager (when I first started this site at 17) to a muscular, handsome heartthrob. (Ok, the “muscular” and “heartthrob” part are a little far-fetched but at least give me the “handsome!”)

    More importantly, from a dependent kid without a responsibility in the world to a married man and father of 3.

    So in this post, I thought I’d take a break from music and share some family pics. They are long overdue…

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    Wow, my daughter is growing up!

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted updated photos of Jadyn on my zone community profile. So here’s some photos from my flickr account.

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    50 random words about me

    This was an exercise I did and wanted to share. It’s 50 random words about me… from me!

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    My childhood story and the beginning of HearandPlay.com

    Ever wondered how HearandPlay.com got started? How I got the idea to teach “playing by ear” over the internet? Well, here’s the beginning of the story…

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