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Welcome to the 10th issue of my weekly newsletter.

I'm in sunny Phoenix, AZ speaking at a conference and while I'm a teacher "on stage," I found countless opportunities to be a student "off stage."

And that's very important --- we're always students. Parents are students. Teachers are students. Professionals are students. Experts are students. Michael Jordan, at his best, was a student.

The minute you stop being a student is the minute you start sabotaging your success. Nothing is ever at a standstill. Either you're growing or shrinking, living or dying, learning or forgetting, better or worse. Things are always in motion... in one direction or the other.

In what direction have you vowed to move in your music playing? If forward, you're in good hands. If backwards, I can't help ya.

This newsletter is a fun one. I take you back to the past to a pageant I won in my youth largely because of the piano. I talk about golf and what it reveals about focus. I delve deeper into the concept of "modes." We also learn the chords to a hit song by Justin Bieber (thank my 4 year old daughter, Jadyn, for this one)... and more!

Also, don't forget about Song Robot. It's a song learning tool I released a little over a month ago and it has already revolutionized learning for thousands of musicians all over the world! You can go check out a free video I made about it here.

Don't forget to comment! I love to ongoing feedback.

Enjoy this issue and I'll see you next time.
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   "The Ear Doctor"

Blast From The Past: How The Piano Made Me A Popular Guy In High School...
by Jermaine Griggs

As many of you know, we're moving into our next home. With 3 kids now, we've outgrown our current place.

So with that comes packing and reorganizing stuff. And since my wife has adopted this "decluttering" philosophy, it means methodically going through EVERYTHING to see what deserves to be kept, donating and trashing everything else... not just throwing stuff in boxes and figuring it out later (as I probably would have done).

In all that, I came across my old high school yearbook. I flipped to this one page and there I was, "Mr. Jackrabbit!" Read More>>>

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Piano Chords
by Jermaine Griggs

In this post, I figured I'd switch things up by showing you how easy it is to pick out Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Piano Chords.

For years, I've been preaching how most popular songs use extremely simple chords and the same recurring patterns over and over.

My 4-year old daughter, Jadyn, like many other young girls is a huge fan so she pulled me to the piano and made me learn Justin Bieber's Never Say Never chords... Read more>>>
What Golf Can Teach You About Focus
by Jermaine Griggs

Many of you know I'm taking golf lessons on the side and have practically fell in love with the game.

But I just had a revelation that could help you with your focus.

Think about the golf course for a second...

There are 18 holes.

You start at hole 1...
Another Approach To Modes & Improvisation (Advanced)
by Jermaine Griggs

Yesterday, we briefly introduced modes.

We learned that although they have fancy greek names and sound all intricate, they are no more than individual scales that simply start and end on a different tone of the major scale.

So you literally play ONE scale but you start and end on different notes of that scale, depending on the mode you want to play. It's that simple.

What I'll show you now isn't quite as simple...
Ask Jermaine
Ask Jermaine: "When To Use Sharps or Flats?"
by Jermaine Griggs

This week's question comes from Bob Myers in Alabama.

"Jermaine, I'm loving your lessons but I have one question that's been on my mind for a while. When are you supposed to use sharps or flats? Sometimes I see flats, other times I see sharps. Thank you in advance for your answer." My answer... Read more>>>

Every week, I rummage through our years of archived articles and dig you up a gem. Enjoy!

10 Improvement Tips & Bonus Audio Summaries
by Jermaine Griggs

Here's a list of 10 improvement tips I put together that you can start implementing right away. Read more>>>
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Remember, this ezine releases EVERY Wednesday. Join us next week for another issue. See ya next time!

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Hear & Play Wednesday Weekly
Issue 10 - March 23, 2011
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This thing keeps getting better! Another Song Robot Update!
by Jermaine Griggs

Check out this 5 minute video of me

And remember, if you've already invested in it, you get lifetime updates for free.

Just open the program and it should say a new update is available. If not, then you need to log into the digital center with your e-mail and dob to pick up latest update (then after that point, the software will look for updates every time you run it).

If you haven't joined the group of proud Song Robot users, what are you waiting for? :-) Click here for more information.
detailing the latest changes to Song Robot.
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