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Welcome to the 8th issue of my weekly newsletter.

Busy week here! At the current moment, I'm packing up stuff as we prepare to move into our next home, getting ready to shoot another segment for HGTV's "House Hunters" (yes, we're going to be on House Hunters!), attending a funeral of a dear friend, gearing up for week long travel, and playing piano for a high school friend's wedding.

But in all that, I've found time to assemble this week's newsletter because it is a priority --- and priorities get done. Period.

Is reaching your musical goals a priority? In all your tasks and responsibilities, do you force yourself to make time to study and practice? Or is it a lackadaisical kind of thing?

I've learned over the years that when you find someone who excels above average at something, it's ON PURPOSE.

"But they're gifted!" Sure! But that can only go so far. You better believe that gift is honed over hundreds and thousands of hours of practice and cultivation. I wrote about this not too long ago.

But this speech is obviously not for you because you're reading my newsletter right now. :-) Congratulations, just by reading this, you've set yourself apart from majority of "would-be, could be's."

This issue is absolutely stuffed! From advice on how to learn songs quickly to tips on playing in all 12 keys, from golf insights and how they relate to the piano to altered chords, I've got you well covered in this issue!

Also, I'm about to raise the price of Song Robot (as there have been tons of new updates and more coming) so if you haven't invested yet, don't wait too much longer.

Song Robot is my new song learning tool I just released. In fact, I built this tool several years ago but never revealed it to the mass public... until now. Only certain inner circle members have used it and after so many rave reviews, I decided a month ago to offer it to the world! You can go check out a free video I made about it here. (I've since invested even more in the software and it is loaded with never-before-seen song learning features; see update video on right side of this newsletter).

Don't forget to comment! I get more personal e-mails than comments. It's ok to reply to my e-mails but my real home is the blog so stop by and leave me a note sometimes. It really keeps me going.

Enjoy this issue and I'll see you next time.
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   "The Ear Doctor"

What Golf Can Teach You About Mastering The Piano
by Jermaine Griggs

As you may know, I took up golf last August.

My instructor, Tracy Roberts (a.k.a. - "Coach"), is an amazing teacher. Like me, he really illustrates the "what," "how," and "why" and I'm pleased to be under his guidance, now on the other end as a beginning student.

I've even introduced my oldest daughter, Jadyn, to the sport. I figured I could get her started early, seeing that she picks up stuff extremely fast.

This week, we started working on my "short game." Read More>>>

The Key To Learning New Songs... QUICKLY!
by Jermaine Griggs

Let's not kid ourselves.

The whole point of learning all these theories, principles, and shortcuts isn't because we're in love with this stuff (well, some of us are). But for most, learning this stuff is a means to an end.

And without a doubt, the ultimate "end" (at our website at least) is to hear a song and in a matter of minutes, be able to play it.

There's a lot that goes into it, don't get me wrong. But here, I want to give you a really concise blueprint... Read more>>>
My Advice To A Student About Learning Songs
by Jermaine Griggs

After yesterday's post, I received an awesome comment from Chris Johnson. I quickly replied and after re-reading our exchange, thought it appropriate to share with you.

Chris wrote:

Well you've done it again Jermaine. You know how close I am to my goals! I pretty much do all of this already but I still struggle at times and I always struggle with the bass.

I have all of these skills under my belt except for picking out those darn bass notes...
The Easiest Way To Learn All 12 Keys
by Jermaine Griggs

When it comes to learning all 12 keys, there's a few ways to do it. You can use the number system and chord approach. In this approach, you simply ask yourself two questions:

1) What number of the scale am I on (aka "scale degree")? 2) What kind of chord am I playing?

If you were in C major...
There's always a "major" in a "minor"... and a "minor" in a "major!"
by Jermaine Griggs

Today, I want to share a concept that a lot of beginners still don't get.

There's not much difference in playing major and minor chords when you think the way I think.

In fact, as the title loudly declares: There's a major chord in every minor chord and a minor chord in every major chord.

Sure, this isn't apparent in smaller triads, but it's clear in seventh chords and up, when carefully analyzed.

First, let me start this discussion by showing you how... Read more>>>

Ask Jermaine
Ask Jermaine: "How To Play #9 #5 Chords"
by Jermaine Griggs

This week's question comes from Sunny: "Thanks Jermaine, please can you spell out the C7 (#9#5) chord?"

My answer... Great question Sunny because tons of people still struggle with altered chords.

When you see a "#" (sharp) or "b" (flat) appended to a chord, it's signifying that... Read more>>>

Every week, I rummage through our years of archived articles and dig you up a gem. Enjoy!

How to play pretty ballads with just two chords
by Jermaine Griggs

Full songs played with just 2 chords! 
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Remember, this ezine releases EVERY Wednesday. Join us next week for another issue. See ya next time!

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Hear & Play Wednesday Weekly
Issue 8 - March 9, 2011
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This thing keeps getting better! Another Song Robot Update!
by Jermaine Griggs

Check out this 5 minute video of me

And remember, if you've already invested in it, you get lifetime updates for free.

Just open the program and it should say a new update is available. If not, then you need to log into the digital center with your e-mail and dob to pick up latest update (then after that point, the software will look for updates every time you run it).

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detailing the latest changes to Song Robot.
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