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Happy Valentine's Week!

Welcome back to the fifth issue of my weekly newsletter.

I know Valentine's Day has passed and technically these lessons would have been perfect last week so you could prepare. But let me slide this time... this is just my fifth issue after 5 years of newsletter hibernation!!!

So to make up for it, I have a few lessons pertaining to "love" in this issue. One uses the new
Song Robot software to learn a famous love song. The other article breaks down some of the chords and inner workings in the same song. And I have a 30-minute "throwback" video lesson from a couple years ago teaching a love song I'm sure you'll like. All appropriate for this month!

I'm also thrilled to have recently unveiled a song learning tool I built several years ago but never revealed to the mass public... until now. Only certain inner circle members have used it and after so many rave reviews, I've decided to make some last minute changes to it and offer it to the world! You can go check it out a free video I made about it here.

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And comment! I always enjoy your feedback. Let me know what you think about the material. It really keeps me going.

Enjoy this issue and I'll see you next time.
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   "The Ear Doctor"

Who Else Wants To Learn What Borrowed Chords Are?
by Jermaine Griggs

Today, let's talk about borrowed chords.

They are chords literally borrowed from what we call the "parallel" minor or major key.

Let's not mix up "parallel" with "relative."

If we were in the key of C, as we've learned in other lessons, A, the 6th degree of C, is the relative minor of C. Likewise, C is the relative major of A. That's not what we're talking about here.

Parallel keys have the same tonic note... or home base. That means... Read More>>>

Valentine's Day - Learn Hero In Slow Motion! (30-minute Video)
by Jermaine Griggs

Since the release of my Song Robot software, people have absolutely been going nuts over it.

So I've decided to create a full 30-minute video of Song Robot walking you through the hit song, "Hero" in slow motion.

The first part of the video shows...
Who Else Wants To Learn The Famous Amen Cadence?
by Jermaine Griggs

A cadence is a chord progression that pretty much ends a song, verse, phrase, or section. Today, we're going to cover the "Amen cadence"... one of my favorites! Read more>>>
The Song Robot Teaches Jazz!
by Jermaine Griggs

After so many replies and interest in the new Song Robot software I recently announced, I've decided to do another quick demonstration that shows how to use the software to learn practically any genre out there.

In this video, I show you in just a few minutes how to find a famous jazz song and open it in the robot software. Then at the end, I let the entire song play through (giving you the opportunity to pick up some of the licks in there -- but you'll want to get Song Robot so you can have full control.)
How To Play 6-2-5-1 Chord Progressions In Minutes
by Jermaine Griggs

In yesterday's post, we used my new Song Robot software to learn the hit love song, "Hero."

If you haven't checked out yesterday's 30-minute video, feel free to do so now.

Today, I want to break down some of the chords of this song as there is a common pattern present that'll certainly be familiar to you if you've been with me for a while... Read more>>>

Ask Jermaine
Ask Jermaine: "2-5-1 Of The 4... What Does That Mean?"
by Jermaine Griggs

We're back with another "Ask Jermaine" session -- this time, focusing on the phrase, "2-5-1 Of The 4." This question comes from Bill in San Antonio, TX.

"Jermaine, I've heard you and others talk about how important 2-5-1 progressions are and I understand all this. What I don't get is when you say the 2-5-1 of the 4 or the 2-5-1 of the 6. What does this all mean?"

My answer...

Every week, I rummage through our years of archived articles and dig you up a gem. Enjoy!

30-Minute Video Lesson Teaching Hit Love Song!
by Jermaine Griggs

I have a special treat for you. In this exclusive 30-minute training video, I'm showing you how to play Robin Thicke's "Lost Without You." Read more>>>
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Hear & Play Wednesday Weekly
Issue 5 - February 16, 2011
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Jonathan Powell (a.k.a. - "The Professor Of Phatness") playing the Black National Anthem in the Gospel Music Training Center.
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