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Welcome To The Inaugural Edition Of Our New Ezine!

After 5 years of hibernation, I'm proud to announce our ezine is back! And rather than being monthly like before, we're publishing an all-new weekly version this time... every Wednesday to be exact!

Not only will it act as a digest for my frequent blog posts (which means it'll be loaded with usable, resourceful content), but I'll use it to announce regular events like webinars, teleseminars, "what's new" items, member feedback, and a new feature: "Ask Jermaine."

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This will make sure you get on the specific "Newsletter" list and receive all ongoing f r e e  issues. I'll send a few out to everyone in the beginning but you'll want to subscribe to make sure you receive them after this point.

I'm so excited to be back in front of you in this form and I promise to make it worth your while. Enjoy this first issue!

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5 Ways To Transform Your Playing In 2011
by Jermaine Griggs

As we all know, the first of the year is a time to set resolutions, goals, and "bucket" lists for most folks.

And while it doesn't take a "new year" to get pumped up, we love a feeling of new beginning.

So in that spirit, I've come up with 5 breakthrough things you can do NOW to realize transformation in your piano playing in 2011. Read more >>>

How to take advantage of the power and versatility of primary chords
by Jermaine Griggs

The idea of "primary chords" is not new around here. I've talked about this concept extensively in the past.

But today, I want to talk about just how powerful primary chords are and how they can be used to form all the other chords of a key. Read more >>>

Ask Jermaine
Ask Jermaine: "The key to proper fingering"

This question is from Danny in the UK: "Jermaine, hope all is good & well. I finally made it onto seventh chords!! (Pheww). When building a major/minor 7th in all 12 keys, what is the correct piano chord fingering?". My answer... Read More>>>
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Hear & Play Wednesday Weekly
Issue 1 - January 19, 2011
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Musician Breakthrough 2011
If you haven't checked out the Musician Breakthrough website, you're in for a treat. It features 7 musicians and over 70 minutes of online video clips so far. Each of these musicians are competing for a trip to the Bahamas! And a few lucky visitors (like you) will win an iPad and full suite of Hear & Play Products. Head over to the site, vote on your favorite clips, learn a bunch, and get in on the action! Click here...

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