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    As many of you know, we’re moving into our next home. With 3 kids now, we’ve outgrown our current place.

    So with that comes packing and reorganizing stuff. And since my wife has adopted this “decluttering” philosophy, it means methodically going through EVERYTHING to see what deserves to be kept, donating and trashing everything else… not just throwing stuff in boxes and figuring it out later (as I probably would have done).

    In all that, I came across my old high school yearbook. I flipped to this one page and there I was, “Mr. Jackrabbit!”

    You see, I went to one of the most famous high schools in the country — Long Beach Poly (a.k.a. – The “Jackrabbits”).

    Not only have we sent the most athletes to the NFL but we’re a California distinguished school. If you’re from around Long Beach, you know there’s two types of people: Those that went to Poly and those that wish they had!!!

    At any rate, my mind started going back to that pageant and how I was literally one of the skinniest ones in the competition.

    Among us were popular athletes, jocks, popular dancers, etc.

    Now, don’t get me wrong… I was Student Body President but you don’t get many brownie points for that.

    We competed in three rounds: Formal, Swimsuit, and Talent.

    Luckily talent was double-weighted (which means whatever you score in talent is doubled compared to the other two categories).

    My plan was to knock them out on the piano playing a medley of songs. I tied together 5 songs. I had a little bit of everything in there. The crowd went crazy every time I changed songs. My good friend, Cleveland, accompanied me on the drums. Even though these were basic songs with nothing extremely fancy going on, we were a huge hit!

    So they announce the winners.

    Formal. Not top 3.
    Swimsuit. Not top 3 (and later I found out I was second to last).
    Talent. First place.

    “Announcing Top 3 Finalists…”

    “Jermaine Griggs.”

    So now I’m in the finals and we gotta answer a random question.

    My question was: “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring.”

    I answered: “I’d bring my bible, which represents my relationship with God, my creator.”

    The crowd goes crazy! “Preacher boy!!!”

    “Secondly, I’d bring photos and awards to remind me of loved ones and achievements.”

    Another clap from the crowd.

    “And lastly, I’d bring a laptop computer with internet access because you can still run a business, even if you’re stranded on a deserted island!”

    The audience cracks up.

    If you know my story, you know I started Hearandplay.com not too long before this. I was going into my senior year of high school (August 2000 to be exact)… about 6 months prior to the competition and I made sure to mention the website in my introduction.

    They announce the winners.

    For the girls, it was NaOnka Mixon who some of you may know from the last season of the hit show, “Survivor!” (Nicaragua)

    And for the boys, yours truly!

    Great times… great memories!

    I learned many things from that.

    First, I didn’t come with an intricate “classical” piece. These were 5 pop songs chosen from various niches. They were played exactly as I had played them in the past… no special additions. I just played! And the audience loved it!

    Would seasoned musicians have been impressed? I don’t know. They certainly would have enjoyed it though.

    But truth be told. I was just playing the songs. And if you know anything about popular songs, they use regular chords and the same recycled patterns over and over. Your audience doesn’t know that though.

    Javad Day, from our Musician Breakthrough collection, talks about the frustration of not being able to “stretch out” when he’s on tour with Chaka Khan. He says one time all the musicians got a chance to “solo.” When they get to him, he starts doing all these jazz runs and fancy scales and licks. The audience is barely paying attention.

    The next show, he decides to switch things up and incorporate the simple “Mario Brothers” theme (you know the one from Mario Brothers 1 on the classic Nintendo). The audience goes ballistic!

    So as you study hard and stress yourself out about “this” versus “that,” always remember your audience. Sure, if you’re trying to impress other musicians, learn the big, phat chords and unorthodox placements. But to most non-musicians, playing a beautiful song exactly the way it was composed makes you a superstar. And if you add in learning it by ear (without sheet music), you’re a sheer genius to them.

    Maybe you thought you were good because people said you were good over the years. But then you started hanging out here or around other advanced musicians that have made you doubt yourself (because they are EXTREMELY good). Don’t get me wrong… there’s a saying that goes “You are the average of the 5 people you hang around most” and it certainly applies to music. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    So if people say you are good, you ARE good. The “majority” is your audience. Don’t let advanced musicians intimidate you. Sure, they are REALLY great and they have excelled to the highest levels but always remember who your audience is. And if and when you get to their expert level, you’ll find yourself having to “dumb” things down to be appreciated so enjoy these times now!

    Your audience is people who simply love music. They don’t know if you’re playing a fancy thirteenth chord or a regular triad. If it comes out the way they like, they will applaud and praise you.

    Don’t let this perspective stop you from learning though. My goal is to encourage you to PLAY NOW! Go gig NOW! Go put what you do know to work NOW! Go play at a senior center NOW! Go volunteer to play music for your kid’s class NOW! Don’t wait! Exercise your gift NOW!

    So keep up the great work with your practicing and find opportunities to play. Don’t wait til you arrive. No one ever “arrives.” Find an audience that appreciates what you do know and go for it! And depending on the event, you just may walk away with the prize! :-)

    All the best,

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    1 Richard


    This is a great story, thanks for Sharing. As always, you turned out better than you Grand Ma, wanted. You are truly the Best Teacher ever. Thank God for you my Friend. You brought back alot of good memories, for me. Thank you. Your Family, is Number 1 also. Dick Blocher Newville, Pa.

    2 Inez

    Hi Jermaine.

    Great story! Do you remember the names of the five songs that you played ? Just curious.


    3 Felix

    I’d like to know as well, what were the five songs?

    4 Bidemi

    ‘Don’t wait till you arrive, no one ever arrives.’ A strong phrase to keep me going. Not only did I learn music here. The ‘decluttering’ style, I surely grasped that idea too. In my own part of the world, some of us love surrounding ourselves with unwanted items. Thus making the environment a bit uncondusive and unspacious. Many thanks to your wife!. I will surely work on that too. Thank you for keeping us moving!.

    5 Richard Morgan

    Hi Jermaine,

    It’s a fun story and it’s a good point, that business about trying to be too clever. I’ve been to jazz concerts like that and come away feeling really frustrated, particularly as my brand of jazz song is about connecting with people.

    Thanks for reminding us.

    All the best,


    6 lily

    It’s a great article; such a good and true principle to use what we have learned and not wait
    until ..”later”. Thank you for the encouragement.
    Kindest regards,

    7 Freddy Bello

    Excellent History,

    A common feeling between musicians is the comparison. I’ve learned this hard way. I’m 100% agree with you that your music go to the audience and they doesn’t understand the fancy of modern harmony and progression. So in my country Venezuela there were a Big Band Orchestra who plays music on its simplest form, but they remain active from 1940s until today, and the best of all every single musician that I know want to play with them!!!!

    8 Brenda

    Thanks for that great life story and the encouraging advice.

    9 akan antia

    hello jermaing griggs thanks for sharing your experience in life,it shows how great you were back at school days: please can you link me to jason white i am much in love with is style of playing’ its exactly what i have been trying to play for the past 16years now on my own its unbeliveable, my name is akan antia from Nigeria born on 19April 1984, i started playing at the age of ten uptill now but i am not really satisfied with the way i want to sound,i discovered your sight hear and play.com last year febuary 2010,and i purchase ministery musicianship by jason white and also contemporary Gospel Extreme by jamal hartwell from your web site,with the help of my sister emmah carrol from denver colorado,help me foward jasonwhite Email and web sight and i will forever be grateful to you.God bless you?

    10 benjamin akinteye

    hi jermaine

    this is a great message to me, i really inspired me, thank you for this

    11 Mary Brand

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I have always loved music. My mom played the accordion and piano and my brothers and one of my sister’s plays guitar. I always wanted to learn and hopefully the time is finally right for me to learn. Thanks.

    12 gerry

    dont understand why you dont respond to emails

    13 Michael Crane

    I’m glad I signed up for your free newsletter. I get so much email that I almost deleted your newsletter before I read it, then thought I might just take a look for a minute. After reading this post, I realized yet again why I subscribed: you are a real inspiration to me. You’re a natural teacher. Thank you for all you do.

    14 Silvio Martina

    What an inspiring story. Sometimes I tend to forget the audience in the church. But now I know for sure that you must always keep the audience in mind. Thank you very much for the great tip.

    15 Richard Blocher

    Thank’s for sharing your true story. I believe, you brought back memories for me. I am having a wonderful time, with your course, 4 Steps to the next -Level Playing.Everyday, I am finding new and wonderful sounding chords, I can’t believe this is coming from me. I have to re-think everyday, what I was taught, because I am now think in numbers, instead of alph letters. And guess what? It is getting easier. I am not there yet, but I believe, I can do it, thanks to your advice. Who said, you can’t Teach and Old Dog, new Tricks? God Bless you in your new house, just take your time, and things will work out for you and your family. Much Respect. Richard Blocher

    16 Joan

    Jermain e, thanks for sharing. I have and tried to learn to play the piano,and I guess it just isn’t for me. I have so much material . I guess I should just stick to sewing. I thought when I retired I would surely master playing the piano,I guess I am just a knuckle head. I thank you for your patience and everything that you have offered. here is where I sign off.

    17 Israel Okonkwo

    Wow Jermaine !.
    this is truly inspirational and instructional. I particularly love the part that talks about keeping it simple and knowing who your audience is. It makes a lot of sense bro.
    Bless you.

    18 Joshua

    that’s nice. I especially liked the answer you gave for stranded on a desert island….But nice analogy!

    19 James Robinson

    I’m convinced ur greatness is defined by what u do 4 others! Thanks Jermaine!

    20 Portia

    Elder Griggs,
    Thank you for those inspiring words. It helps to know that somehow things can get better. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family as you continue to unlock the greatness that’s hidden in others :).


    21 Joe

    very Inspiring….

    22 Dennis Pritchett

    Cool story .I have been playing Guitar for more than 20 years, I began piano lesson 3 months ago to assist me in writing song and to play for the church I attend. And it seems the simplest songs that I write gets the most attention. So I take a lot from you story today it inspires me to continue to build from my successes and learn from my failures and to enjoy the journey and the music. Thank you for sharing, Blessings be with you and your family. Dennis

    23 paul

    thank you jim,but i have a problem i can only play on just c on my keyboard wat do i do

    24 Mrs.Jessie.Heeg

    Hi,Jermain thank you so much for your sharing. This is realy inspiration and instruction for me. Thanks for the encouraging words. Its little difficult for me to learn because i am very biginner. Hopefully the time is finally right to learn for me.God bless always you and your beautiful Family.Thanks a lot Jermain.
    Jessie Heeg

    25 Hadds

    Thanks for sharing us with your experience in life, it so encouraging and awakening I should say you are great Jermaine . Iam learning a lot from you and I know and believe that Iam going to be a good Musician one day .

    26 Joshua

    Great story carefully told and expressed in simple language with loads of information. Thanks for blessing me and for the encouragement.

    27 Sheila

    You are an excellent writer! Hint Hint. Sometimes we have more than one talent. Think about it.

    28 Joshua Gouwe

    Wow! Jermaine! thanks for the advice. Will be doing just that more often. thanks such a blessing, just like this article simple and on point.

    29 Yves

    Dear Jermaine,

    I donot have internet at home and could only find time when I am taking a break at work reading my email.

    I really would love to play music, actually my 6 year old son is learning to play the piano.

    Hope you can organised a special beginner lesson just for me.

    Lots of love and keep asking for your bible. Obeying the word of God is important for daily living.

    30 Linford

    I would like to buy a cartridge (Gospel) for my Robot. how do i go about doing it?

    31 Akindele

    Brilliant story this something I can learn from and a few things I can teach my kids while they are growing up

    32 John

    Your musical light illuminates my musical darkness.
    This is a great life story told by an illustrious teacher.
    It inspires and motivates.
    Thanks, and God’s richest blessings to you and your family.

    33 Sam Nzomo

    Hi Mr.Griggs,
    Thank you for sharing,now i know that i shouldn’t wait to get all pro but seek any opening to play because its all in what the audience like.God bless as you keep up the great work.

    34 Earnest Rodgers

    Hey Jermaine, that’s what I am talking about, most successful businessmen, don’t include their family and HS history and fun things that are important to you, you’re very special Jermaine, I really appreciate how you’ve encouraged me to continue my practicing, I finally learned how to copy files from your website, so I can practice lessons from Jason White and others, Enjoy your holiday and may God continue to bless you and your family.
    Pastor Earnest Rodgers

    35 Tolu

    Your articles always help me in a way or the other anytime i take time to read though.. Thanks for taking you time to write it

    36 Marilyn

    Hi Jermaine, it’s always good to remember what brought you this far. It will be the stepping ladder that keeps you there. Be blessed!

    37 Sharanelle

    Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing… you still look the same and, yes, my daughter was also a proud Jackrabbit!

    38 Dennis

    Hi Jermaine, thank you for your interesting story. Your stories are always a source of encouragment. I appreciate.

    39 Jacob

    This article was great. You stepped out on faith, assurance, expectation and proud that one day you would be successful. This is what you want us to achieve Jacob

    40 Ray Lewis

    I love your child hood story.you have been bless all of your life.

    41 Joshua oguma

    Jermine i thank u for dis word of encouragement. I sometimes feel discouraged when seeing other pianist playing different improvisation bcos i wonder how i would be able to play them. But by this ur article i must confess i feel revived and no longer intimidated as i hope for the best and also prepare for the worst in my music ministry. Thanks a million times. God bless u.

    42 rick

    Great storytelling… U are too young, to be this wise, lol. U are truly, truly rich in wisdom. “Thank u, Jack rabbitson” (in my Asian monk voice), lol.

    43 Amelia


    You certainly are an inspiration to me. I love music, working hard to succeed in it. The lessons you provide are so wonderful, you are the first teacher I know to share what the Lord have blessed you with so freely. I am a senior now, but still continue trying to get it right. God bless you and your family – contratulations on your new home. Keep hope alive.

    44 Lisa J. Bilgrien

    Jermaine, you were so cute! :-)

    45 Dorothy

    Thanks again Jermaine for your words of wisdom. Not only does this apply to music, but in a sense can be applied to everyday life.

    46 Joao Pedro
    47 Bonnie Dunlap

    Thanks for encouraging us, again! You are an excellent teacher. May God’s mercy, love and peace be yours in abundance-Jude2

    48 Sandra

    Thanks for the story, Jermaine! It was very encouraging to me! I do not have a good “ear” for music, but can play a little. I play every service for our church and have always wanted to be able to play like the “big boys and girls”! I know now that the most important thing is to play according to your audience!

    49 merlie

    nice story………..it’s give me courage again on my practicing. I simply love the part that talks about keeping and knowing who your audience are.It give strength to me and i like your answer for the question stranded in a deserted island. Wew!very inspiring..you are the best forever and ever.God bless you always.

    50 Oriokot

    surely if there is any least thing i should do, then i should follow your great advice coz man! you ‘ve done your part and you are still doing it great. thanks Jermaine it was a great life experience that i believe many of us can still learn from.

    51 Candida

    Dear Germaine, I don’t know how to say this. So I’ll just say THANK YOU.
    You inspire me. To God be all the Glory.

    52 Vanessa

    Dear Jermaine:
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. I really enjoyed it because I can relate to it. i was a very quiet girl in school, however I was very popular because i could play the piano and could play anything i heard on the radio using simple chords. To my classmate I was a great musician. I use to perform on stage in talent shows in front of the whole school. My music teacher would also call me out of my class room to play for other student in he music class;every body knew my first and last name. I so appreciate you reminder us to not be intimidated by other musician. I went through a period of feeling that way. You are so right about people not knowing the difference or making that big a deal about the phat chord. To them I can play. Thanks for being the great music teacher and piano player you are, thanks for sharing your knowledge and creating Hear and Play. It has truly been a blessing and I am understand and learning a lot.- Vanessa.

    53 Sharon Davis-Dixon

    I wish that we can identify many more young men like you, who can bring about a positive change to this world of ours. As you go through life just” Remember and never forget that challenges are the stairways to success”. I wish all the best for you and your family. You are a great source of inspiration to me, thank you as always.

    54 Angel

    Great story! This is very interesting I never knew how music could change your life!

    55 Tyrone Mann

    Mr. Griggs

    Very inspiring story! I myself can attest to what you have shared. I used to be one of those musicians who felt so intimidated by the advanced musicians who could do all the fancy runs and rolls and all the latest licks and tricks. However, one thing I’ve come to understand over time is that most people in the audience don’t care at all about all of that. As a matter of fact, some people are totally put off with all those tricks. Therefore, I made the decision to just excel at the basics and not really worry about all the extras. That one decision has resulted in me becoming one of the most sought-after church musicians in my local area. Even many of those advanced musicians have come to hold a tremendous amount of respect for me. So, I definitely vouch for everything you said!

    56 dianne

    I was always told that young people could be smart but not wise and that wisdom comes with age! Another myth disspelled. Thanks

    57 mike

    this is a really encouraging experience how i long to get where you are my brother thanks.

    58 David S Dent

    hello Jermaine,

    great read, I enjoyed it, pictures were great , too……nice couple…..

    you sure know your “stuff”

    59 Beloved

    Wow, great and inspiring story there, thanks for sharing with Me.

    60 Patrick

    Thanks it’s very encouraging to us all.

    61 Ivone

    as always, good stuff, thanks for your motivation

    62 Sonia

    Good story and well done and congratulations…excellent!! …Thanks Jermaine!!

    63 David

    You’re a remarkable person! I’m inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing.

    64 Vinod

    Hi Jermaine Griggs,

    I always look forward to reading your stories. This one has impressed me the most, because I realise I have a long way to go to get to the level I feel i need to achieve with my piano playing before I can call myself a true piano player. However as you point out play what ‘they’ want and it is not always the very high standards one sets for oneself. The idea is to entertain the audience. So I will go out and play. Thank you for that encouraging story. Who knows I might even send you a sample of my playing and singing one of these days (and it will be nothing like what you have heard before)!

    I am grateful to you for the e-mails, Ihave learnt a lot from your lessons and articles.
    Good luck with your moving.


    65 Carol

    Jermaine, Thanks once more for sharing a bit of your school days; great story. Your stories inspires me to move on, I just want to be good at it.. I need two more hours added to the twenty four in one day, the day is too short. I appreciate your help and encouragement. God bless..

    66 Luke

    Hey Germaine,

    This is a great story – you reminded me of my school days. Is that Eminem below you in the picture?


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    this article is actually a fastidious piece of writing, keep it up.

    68 Gene

    Great story, I have purchased several of your instructions on playing and I am slowly improving every day. I intend to learn to play this year and do it well. It takes a little more effort but I am progressing. I am 74 in good health so if God gives me enough time I will accomplish my goal.

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    authoring on other websites? I have a blog centered on the same topics you discuss
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    Hi there Jermaine.
    Reading your story touched me so much. I feel that I know you some how. Such a down to earth, good hearted talented person you are, ready to help and inspire anyone that wants to be.
    Being able to play the piano from a young age and bring joy and inspiration to others
    is a blessing.
    You Jermaine have been given this talent which people like me only dream about..
    Keep up the good work that you are doing – imparting your musical talent to others.

    All the best in the world to you and your family.

    God bless


    75 J'Lyne Moore

    Hi Jermaine, I enjoyed the story. The story had great points for musicians that will help s improve and become better musicians. I am learning more than I thought. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and others.

    76 Marilyn

    Thank you so much for sharing your “super Star” high school experience!! Very inspiring…a little word of encouragement goes a long way…as well, so does supportive direction – both go hand in hand! God bless you!

    77 Armin Martin

    Hi Germaine

    I think it’s truly a blessing that a young man like you can inspire and motivate an old guy like me.
    You are indeed blessed, brother Germaine, to enrich the lives of so many.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.


    78 James Reddic

    Thanks Jermaine. Your story took me to a higher level.

    79 jay

    hmmm this is great God made u a winner and for ur good keep that picture in a save place bro u are good as people says lol. God bless u.
    from Jay Onas

    80 Doraska McKeller

    Very nice gr8 story love it

    81 James C Gear

    Great story, and really great lesson in it! I understand the ‘power’ of playing a familiar song in unexpected situations. Our praise team couldn’t begin morning worship because our delinquent sound team was changing the batteries in the wireless microphones. Everyone was getting antsy and upset, when I started playing the theme from “Jeopardy”. A collective laugh went through the praise team and congregation, which broke the tension and gave the sound team time to complete their task.

    82 Lecia Boyd

    Thank you for the encouragement Jermain..I follow your advice diligently and take it all in..You’re a great teacher…

    83 Bonnie Mehling-Steinmetz

    Just read your latest on get going NOW! I want to emphasize the NOW. You see I’ve been practicing all my life but afraid to step out on faith. Your posts are so encouraging and I’ve just played Christmas music for two nursing homes. What a wonderful feeling. Yes, I made a few mistakes but the overall appreciation was clean over the top. Keep the words coming, and I’ll try my best to follow directions.
    Thanks again for making plain the real reason we play music…to express ourselves and enjoy the moments. Hugs

    84 Zoe

    I rarely read your post but I could not ignore this one…You’re a gift to millions.

    85 Ray Swan

    Hey Jermaine:
    I am also in the process of moving. I just want to say before I got all the digital stuff from you I used to play the same chords in the same keys and it was really boring to me. Since “Hear and Play” I have learned to play in four more keys (working on 4 more) and a plethora of chords that I knew existed but was never motivated to learn. Now I am learning them. I am going to repeat an accolade. I believe you were sent by God himself to my attention to give me a new life. I literally mean that. Here I am 75 years old and I am learning something I never imagined I would be able to learn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your life’s testimony. You are my hero.
    Ray Swan

    86 Cal-I

    Great story, Jermaine!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m encouraged to take a step and put what I have to good use, sooner rather than later!


    Bless you and your family- hope the Big Move goes well.

    87 segun

    Very many thanks for your goodness.
    This story is awesome.
    You are not only a wonderful teacher, but a great motivator.
    In your teaching lies inspiration.
    Fondest regards to your kind family.

    88 Tumelo

    Thanks for that great story Jermaine

    89 Sharon Fisher

    Thank You so much again for giving of yourself Mr. Jermaine. A great story to share and a word of wisdom also.
    I’m encouraged to enjoy playing where I am now, as a beginner for myself, family and friends. I GOT THE MESSAGE!!
    God Bless you and your family on your move, and have a Blessed and Safe Memorial Day.

    90 thulisto

    Thanks Mr. Griggs, that is very encouraging

    91 Lparks

    Thanks for that encouraging story Jermaine. I’ve been letting advanced musicians intimidate me. You have inspired me to feel comfortable with my playing now. I feel better and able to progress at my own pace. Thank you.

    92 Laura

    Keep up the good work you are so bless. You are inspiring many people.


    inspiring story

    94 Gardner

    Jermaine, I saw one post that said you do not respond to emails. Question what planet does he live on? Does he know about his spam folder? You ALWAYS respond to emails!! Most of the time at least 2 or 3 times to make SURE that my request has been responded to. Keep up the great work, you and your staff are doing a great job, congratulations on your new house. We are downsizing, since we are now officially “old goats”. We have a beautiful place but we won’t miss the never ending up keep.


    95 Samuel

    Wow this is a story that is worth more than money thank you and may GOD bless you for sharing this with you have really blessed me and everyone that read this

    96 Riana Joubert

    Thank you for sharing your story, Jermaine! When I read you answered: “I’d bring my bible, which represents my relationship with God, my creator”, it warmed my heart! Always remember it is He Who granted you your talent and continue to sustain you every day, and stay humble (as it appears, you do!), then He will surely continue to bless you. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience of “know-how” with everyone who wants to improve their musical skills, and cross your path. You are, indeed, an inspiration to many people!

    97 Chuku Onyemachi

    Great Post.
    I gain fresh perspective each time I read this post.

    98 Fana Andrew Nkambule

    Hi Jamein
    I am inspired by your story I wish I was 20 years old nevertheless our first African
    South African President became a President in the age of 83 so I am ready to
    learn more and easy from you. Please give it a thought and visit our country
    South Africa in your life time

    99 ucheprince

    wow the story is inspiring and to wrap it up the encouragement message really wake something inside of me, thanks Jermaine

    100 Larry D

    Very inspiring cos I really get intimidated by advanced players I come across..thanks Mr Jermaine

    101 Dex

    This is a very encouraging experience. Thanks for sharing.

    102 Mavis Sams

    Thanks Germaine, for this website, the ability to share your e experiences and for filling the gap that I was lacking in my musical experience!
    I still have to master some issues and I am sure that if I stick by your side I will master them.
    Thanks again and may God richly and kindly bless your musical ministry.

    103 Carolyn

    Jermaine thanks for such inspiring story. It encourage me to use what I know right now. Someone will appreciate me for my effort and appreciate the gift God has graced me with. I will find places to use my talent like nursing homes. Thank you so much for the advice in your story. May God continue to bless you bountifully.

    104 Reney

    One love Jermaine.
    Thanks for another inspiring story.

    105 Bettie

    You were given a talent by our creator and have developed, multiplyed and grown wiser how to share your gift. This was your calling and Thank You for sharing with the World.

    106 Francisca

    Thank you for sharing this throw back. I enjoyed reading it. You’re talented and thank God you’re using your God given talent to help others. You’re a blessing

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