E-mail: Top 10 Tips for Instant Improvement

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1. Practice Everyday

2. Learn theory and how chords and scales are built instead of
just knowing them!

3. Find patterns to help you learn chords and how they change
relations and roles in other keys.

4. Learn all major, natural minor, melodic minor, harmonic
minor, blues, and pentatonic scales.

5. Take the scales and learn all major, minor, diminished,
augmented, and seventh chords. Once you know your scales, you
will find it quite easy to convert them into chords.

6. Practice speed (play exercises increasing in speed as you

7. When listening to songs, try figuring out the chord
progressions in your head. Once you have an idea of how the song
is played, start transferring your thoughts to the piano. It

8. Try to learn as many songs, standards, and hymns as possible
(especially, if you're a jazz or gospel musician). Jazz
musicians should know as many jazz standards as possible. Gospel
musicians must know as many hymnals because you never know when
someone wants you to accompany them!

9. Exercise your gift - Show your gift off! Play at church, jazz
clubs, festivals, gigs, and more!

10. Never think you know too much. In music, there is never "too
much" to learn. Keep your mind and ears open to new techniques!