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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 lynelle wallace

    sound good when i got some more money again , I have nothing at present put it all towards my mission trip would love to do that. Maybe after i have come back from south africa from looking after the chidren that are dumped and have aids in the orphanage , this is my properity at present and my calling. But so want to learnt so I can to a concert some day to funraise money for them as well . Keep working on me Ill get there.


    2 Matthew Smith

    Hi Lynelle,
    My name is Matthew and I am a South African Living in Durban KZN South Africa. I am one of Jermaine’s greatest “Fans” . Send me a mail and lets Talk.

    Regards and Blessings.


    3 Marlene Reid

    You are an inspiration.I am from Cape Town,South Africa thank you for your unpaid mission of love to South Africa.Like Matthew Smith I have very,very high admiration for Jermaine,he is a very great man.My prayers are with you both
    God bless


    4 Rich S.

    How do you get the DVD’s and the book Secrets of Piano Playing that he
    was holding? The DVD’s are what I am interested in more than the MMM audio
    CD’s. Thanks


    5 Tamara Adams

    If you would like to purchase the DVD’s just click on this link, and it will show you all the DVD’s hearandplay has to offer… There’s way more now than what Sinbad was holding. http://www.hearandplay.com/products


    6 Pete

    Click on courses link or blue products banner in upper right of this page.


    7 Ernest J. Walker aka. Midiman

    Awesome man! Sinbad is the man Jermaine! I like the way he is gonna be doing concerts after he watches the videos tonight! hehehehe! He is gonna be playing by Saturday! wow man those dvd’s you have must be poison! I know your material is good though man and no one can go wrong on purchasing any of your products! Stay blessed and stay real close to Sindab man! hehehe! Peace!



    8 King David

    This’s real good,…there’re much to shout about!
    Remain in His Grace.


    9 elio beux

    I am anxiously ,waiting the book and DVDs


    10 Ken P

    That was just too cool!


    11 Renata Melendez

    I’m impressed, you know Sinbad? I’m sure that was great fun. :)


    12 kdw

    Did I miss something or did Sinbad ever state what instrument he is studying with H & P? It’s my understanding the H & P teaches more than just piano (according to website). Sorry, but I don’t like to make assumptions.


    13 Tamara Adams

    Did you not see the 300pkg piano book Sinbad was carrying in his box?


    14 Matthew Smith

    Hey Sinbad,
    Good luck with the concert man. I know it will be a success because you get your fans laughing so loud that they wont hear your playing. lol.
    On a serious note Sinbad, this is the best investment you ever made for yourself and family.

    Love and Blessings Bro.



    15 Edward

    In third worlds we miss alot on music education through technology due to the unavailability of internet connectivity and affordability by music schools in the public communities. This facility on offer is just great. Wish i would be on line always at my school.


    16 Eresmas from Kenya

    I echo the thoughts of Edward above. We have the will but we can’t pay the bill. Still I pray that one day I’ll save enough money to buy a course. I am dying to know how to play well and i don’t want to die without knowing how to play well. God bless you people.


    17 Richard Bishop

    I would like thank personally for you help & inspiration. I have followed you free instructions.& as a self Teacher. Things are beginning to make Sense. Thank you very much. I can’t reward you now, But know you will be rewarded! Ps** And Not from Me Only! Be Blessed & contunie! Rev/Gda


    18 David Chura

    I’m glad all you people can learn and play so easily. As for me. I must have brain damage to much when I was younger. People pounding on my little brain. (and what’s left of it now) I can hear the music, tune a guitar almost perfectly. But I’ll be darned if I can remember a song!
    Seems if it’s longer then 2 or 3 words. I ask myself, What was said? As i forgot the first word.
    But at least I got one good thing going for me!
    I can do research in physics just as good and probably better then anyone else. But I’ll keep trying to learn music, even if it takes me a life time!


    19 Jacob

    Sindad, a dedicated man of faith. He has walked out on “Faith” with a willing mind to obtain his goal. When he obtains his goal, success will show-up and payoff. Jacob


    20 musa

    yeah cnt weight 2 experience more playng.


    21 Lisa J. Bilgrien

    I’m learning a lot from Jermaine, and can vouche for Sinbad’s testimony. Jermaine really cares about his students, and it makes them care in return. Great teacher!


    22 KATHY

    Hi Jermaine,

    Enjoyed your video w/Sinbad; funny!!!


    23 Flyers Derry

    Greeting glance at this ping when you find a second


    24 Ifeanyi

    I appreciate the love for the piano lesson which you give me your student. I love the online lessons and would love to have hard copies of your lessons. Thank you so much. I love you.


    25 Car wash

    I pondered leaving this trackback awesome gadget


    26 Lynn

    Interesting, it seems so easy. ha ! ha !


    27 Saint-Fleur Michelet

    my name is Saint- Fleur and i am from Haiti. I have lately started watching J. i can tell, he’s very good and it’s cool to be one of his best fan. Thank you for what i’ve got and for what i’m gonna learn from u.

    my reguards


    28 phinehas



    29 Patrick

    My name is Patrick I’m from South Africa in Johannesburg, I just wanna thank you mr G for work you are doing for us to grow in music thank you very much.


    30 Carmela zaionit

    I’m listening to the CD that you sent me for free. They are great.
    Unfortunately, I’m unemployed and I don’t have the money to buy more CDs from you.
    The cards helping me and all of your article are great.

    Thanks for your work.

    Carmela Zaionit


    31 proxpy

    Jermaine Griggs..I must say you are the worlds greatest piano teacher I have seen..God bless and keep you..For helping me out..I am Prosper from Nigeria..How can I get the DVDs..


    32 Michaelkeyz

    hi my name s michael m frm nigeria, plz how can i get ur dvd products since i live in nigeria?


    33 Otuodi Benson

    I want to thank God for crossing my path with the hear and play website which am benefitting from the free piano lessons today. But the challenge i have now is how order your dvds from Nigeria, i need help on this and God will reward you greatly.


    34 samuel reuben

    i really luv what u guys are doing.i’m a beneficiary of this school,i luv u guys and i’m really indebted to you


    35 george

    i missed the lesson on how to play a song in all keys. please help. i am unable to play in other keys. i only know three keys


    36 Jermaine Griggs
    37 Edwin

    Hi Jermaine Griggs and fellow musicians,
    Its just amazing how Sinbad has the confidence for the concert when he has the training materials tight in his hands,BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT!!
    I have learnt a great deal from the ones I have managed to access and guess what?? I am a lot better than before. How I wish I could afford to get a hold of all that
    Jermaine puts in for us.You never go wrong with them.Thanks


    38 Claude Huggins

    Am very glad I find this site am learning a lot the best teach I ever met have not see any that teach like you.thank god for you and the others.I want to order offer for today but I will not be able to.so next week.all of your a very good..very help full tools I will try and get them thanks for helping your are my teacher now wish you where in st kitts god bless.


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