• The incredible power of “6-2-5-1” chord progressions in gospel songs!

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    By now, I doubt I need to go over the individual scale tones and corresponding chords, as we’ve covered these basic fundamentals in the last two month’s of lessons. If you haven’t read January and February’s newsletter, scroll above to get the link to the newsletter archives, where you can view all newsletters.
    Meanwhile, let’s get right to work.
    The following chart will list my favorite “6-2-5-1” progressions. I will start each progression with the “1” chord just so that you get a sense of what major key the chord progressions start and end on.

    “6-2-5-1” Chord Progressions

    The following examples will be in the key of Db major:
    A ” / ” slash means that the note to the right will be played on the bass (left hand).
    “1” “6” “2” “5” “1”
    Bb Eb Ab / Db Ab C Db F / Bb Gb Bb Db F / Eb F A C F / Ab Bb Eb Ab / Db
    Db Eb F Ab / Db Ab C Eb G / Bb Gb Bb Db F / Eb F A C E / Ab Eb Ab Db / Db
    B F Bb / Db Ab D F / Bb G C Db F / Eb Gb C F / Ab B F Bb / Db
    F B / Db D Ab / Bb Db G / Eb C Gb / Ab B F / Db
    Ab Db Eb F / Db Ab B D F / Bb G Bb Db E /Eb Gb B C E / Ab B F Bb / Db
    Bb Eb Ab / Db Ab Bb C Eb / Bb G C Db F / Eb C F A / Ab Bb Eb Ab / Db

    Click here for more Gospel Chord Progressions

    Also, keep in mind that just because the progressions says “6-2-5-1” doesn’t mean you must only play one chord on the “6,” one chord on the “2,” and so on…

    I actually like to play multiple chords on the “6.” Here are some examples below.

    From the “1” chord in Db:

    (1) Ab Db Eb F / Db

    (6) Ab C Eb G / Bb

    (6) Ab B D F / Bb

    (2) Ab C Db F / Eb

    (2) G C Db F / Eb

    (5) Db Gb Bb / Ab

    (5) C F A / Ab

    (1) Bb Eb Ab / Db

    Notice how many chords I used in the above “6-2-5-1” progression. The first chord of each scale tone was usually more subtle but the second chord of the two would always push us towards the next chord. For example, the first “6” chord above led to a stronger “6” chord, which ultimately led us to our “2” chord. Keep these types of ideas in mind when playing “6-2-5-1” or any other progressions for that matter!

    Click here for more Gospel Chord Progressions

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    1 sangiwa eliamani

    Incredible !! God bless you msoooooooooooooomuch.
    What is the major difference between gospelkeys 202 and urban pro600?

    2 lee

    how or where do i order gospelkeys202 already have gospelguitar101

    3 Jermaine Griggs
    4 Jermaine

    @Sangiwa: GospelKeys 202 is all about contemporary worship. It is best suitable for someone at an intermediate level although students just finishing the GK101 have found great success with it. It basically teaches you several chords on every time of the scale, as it relates to worship music. You learn over 60 different chords and voicings on each tone. Then on disc 2, you combine these chords together to create “couples” — these are small little chord progressions that you find in your worship songs. once you’ve learned all your progressions, it’s time to put everything to work. You learn several songs using all the chords and couples you’ve mastered.

    GospelKeys 600 is definitely for the experienced. It explores a number of urban, r&b-sounding, gospel chords and progressions. The emphasis is on west coast-sounding chords and styles. Also, every chord pretty much utilizes both hands. Unlike 202 which dealt with chord on right and usually bass note or power chords on the left, GK urban pro 600 deals with chords in both hands. The chords and movements get pretty advanced. They are what you hear played by some of the greatest west coast musicians around. With the use of a bass player, you also get to see how to use these movements in real life settings.

    Depending on where you are, both courses can help.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    5 sangiwa

    Thanks. I might have missed the reply ,however not disappointed. As you may know i have ordered some of the materials and looking forward to get going .

    6 moses

    this lessons have add up a lot to my playing. thanx Jermaine. i will like to know more about passing chords.

    7 Amankwah De-Joy

    I do not understand most of the chords you are trying to teach. I am a beginner and i really want to learn piano and bass guitar. Please help me. God richly bless you that you will help me

    8 Jennifer

    I really trying to understand this number system which I believe that I got it down pat when practicing the scales, but I am a little confused when it comes to this numbers system with the progressions. If for example you have a 1-6-2-5-1 progression like the recent comment. To me it means, Db-Bb-Eb-Ab-Db. As a beginner I always thought that with three finger chords they are three different ways of playing, with the bass key being in the right finger chord. Am I wrong, or just confused?

    9 Peter James Nelly

    You said we don’t play only one one chord on “6”,”2″,”3″ and so on of a scale
    My questions are,
    -how many chords are you supposed to play on each of “6”,”3″ etc
    -how do you get those multiple chords without changing the base cause i see, you played from above AbCEbG/Bb and AbBDF/Bb on the “6” chord.
    -I don’t understand where you got the chords in the above table like BbEbAb/Db ,DbEbFAb/Db etc.

    10 Chris Garcia

    I too was confused by this. I thought the 6 meant the 6th chord in the key/scale. where are the other chords coming from? sorry just a beginner

    11 Jermaine Griggs

    The 6 does mean the 6th degree of the scale. The slash “/” means the letter on the right of it is the bass (left hand) or root.

    So Ab C Eb G / Bb is not an “Ab chord” because it’s over Bb bass (the 6th degree of the scale). It’s really like a Bb 13 sus 11. Bb is 6th degree of Db major. I hope this makes sense.

    12 Danny (p-rex)

    Nice voicings Mr. Griggs. I like them.

    I’ll make an attempt to help you out a little if you don’t mind Peter. You can indeed play multiple different notes over the same bass like that. To give you a basic picture of what that might look like imagine a simple C major chord. Play it C E G/C. That’s one way to play it. Now try B E G/C. The difference between the two is the B. The B is what’s called the major seventh of C. You could also play D E G/C. That would be replacing the C in the right hand with the D. That one is called an Add 9 chord. What Mr. Griggs did with the Bb chord is similar but with more advanced stuff. GospelKeys202 would definitely cover stuff like this. You might wanna check it out.

    Chords like Bb Eb Ab/Db would also be covered and explained in GK202. Just holla if you’re still curious though.

    Hope I was of assistance. Great post Jermaine. God bless.

    13 ben

    any one with a 2-5-1 song that i can learn from

    14 Sunny

    Thanks mr Jermaine for the 6-2-5-1s. Please i want 2 order for Gk:600 but i dont know if there’s an account number to pay to. Pls just put me through steps on ordering/buying dvds.thanks. sunny

    15 Donville

    Thanks Jermaine,

    Your lessons are absolutely great. My playing at church etc. has improved tremendously.
    I am in Jamaica, How can i purchase dvds?

    16 Jermaine Griggs

    Hi Donville,

    Thanks for contacting me.

    We ship everywhere! If you have credit card, you can order at http://www.hearandplay.com/products

    If you want to send money order, cashiers or bank check, go to: http://www.hearandplay.com/orderbymail

    Keep up the great work and if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

    All the best,

    17 Bheki

    Thank you for giving out.May u receive in multilpes.

    18 Nishant

    Hi Mr. Jermaine
    I have my own composition in E major scale following (E major,A major, B major,C#minor G#minor, G#major as accidental) chords in their lead melody..
    I just want your help to give some tips how to compose second melody or cello melody to harmonize the things…
    and counter harmony also if u can..

    19 Adesokan

    Is there any music call highlife?
    If there is which chord can i play to it. Thanks

    20 Gideon

    How to apply this chord progression to praise and worship songs

    21 Bradford Jobs

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    22 Atere samuel

    nice one but,i need more on voicing

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    24 Jonathan

    My father is in prison he knows music theory wants to learn gospel music and has
    No access to a computers or Internet at all we are looking for gospel progresstions
    And sheet music, charts, riffs, fills anything that you think will be helpfull.
    Thank you God Bless.

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    good progression

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    29 Pauline

    Really great Jermaine! ! It would be even more helpful if you could also name the chords which would make transposing into other keys a lot easier. Thanks!!

    30 Richard Ohene

    please am a beginner and i have learn the 1 3 5 and the 4 5 3 6 2 5 1 progression which i can play few songs with it. what is the next thing to learn

    31 Stanley Masia

    We just bought a piano and I want to learn how to play gospel in order praise and worship Him!

    32 Renner

    oh, i love this.
    sir you have always been talking about chords and progresions, can you Please talk a little of scales and licks, thank you. love you bro.

    33 Adrian

    Very nice progressions there, and are quite common for gospel. I try to use chords completely outside the scale too for the tension for Neo Soul.

    34 mack

    Very well done thanks for sharing this…

    I found some interesting about praise and wosrhip songs,,, hope it can help… because it has reflection… it can make you understand of what you are playing or singing…

    35 Jokin chux

    Hi Jermaine Griggs
    Am really grateful for ur write-ups here;
    GOD reward you richly

    36 Ferdinand Herza

    I think the baby Jesus would be happy with those chord progressions. I can just imagine him in his manger wiggling his little thumbs to the beat with a big grin on his little face.

    37 zino

    father i thank you for this blog

    38 Enock Mandela

    Thanks bro
    am now learning how to play chords, though l get confused on how to connect chords progression coz l can’t interpret them, pliz help

    39 Mfon

    Amazing! Thanks Griggs..you’ve been such an inspiration.

    40 Adrian

    Thanks for the tutorial

    41 evar


    42 Adrian

    Nice chord info there. For deep R&B or Neo Soul many people also like to play “borrowed” chords from other scales.

    43 Osakpolor

    Please I don’t understand the 6-2-5-1 chord you illustrated in key Db. Please can I get a key C transposed one for better understanding and applications. Thanks.

    44 Osakpolor

    Please I don’t understand the 6-2-5-1 chord you illustrated in key Db and how it sounds. Please can I get a key C transposed one or an audio of it for better understanding and applications. Thanks.

    45 gdfk

    you all her madafukas and the administrators

    46 Roy Spear

    Church Cords

    47 chimzyboy

    Am now somewhere I have never been….thanks

    48 Shirley Wilson

    Please give the chord names in the 1-6-2-5-1 progression. I think the 1 is a major 13th, the 6 and the 2 are minor 9ths but I don’t understand the 5 chord.

    49 Shirley Wilson

    You mentioned that you use more than one chord over the 6. I just need a better understanding of what those chords are and why so I can easily transpose to any key.

    50 WAYNE

    this is awesome but i have one little question to ask and the question is….what are the minor progression chords for this popular worship song(i just want to say baba oooo)…i will really appreciate it if you can post it for me

    51 Martin

    I don’t even a single thing there…
    Am a beginner..
    Pls mentor me to play keyboard.

    52 Sam

    HELP! can’t access the FREE course using my Email account. Keep getting an “error due to spam sources” message.
    And I am so grateful for this site!

    53 John

    hi, I’m a beginner on the bass guitar, I need to know how to here and play the bass guitar when the key board is playing gospel songs. The key board player always call out notes.I asked him to call out progressions but he don’t no any please help me thank you.

    54 Hanna Maulseed


    55 Goodluck Onyia

    hi. pls sir, can u tell us the name of the chords used here in your 6-2-5-1 progression and how you formed them..Thanks

    56 Godwin

    I think we really got hot music heads(professionals) right here…I’m just a beginner.

    57 Okwoche sam.

    Thanks to you, some of us are yet to understand chord written with alphabet. So can it be written in form of doh rem mi for us.thanks.

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