• Top Three Substitutions Every Creative Keyboardist Must Not Be Without

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    There are essential substitutions that every creative keyboardist must know. Find them out in this lesson.

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    How to add flavor and spice with the power of chord substitutions

    I’ve talked a lot about substitutions in the past. We’ve studied tritones substitutions, diminished seventh chord substitutions, ditone substitutions, and more.

    Today, I want to go even further and talk about another popular type of substitution… the “tonic substitution.”

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    How To Use The Altered Scale Over Different Chords

    bandbig.jpgI’m back! Things have been so hectic. From the launch of GMTC to server problems and Thanksgiving, I’ve had enough to keep me busy indeed.

    But now, my head is clear and I’m ready to go full force!

    Recall, the other day, I taught you the altered scale (a.k.a. – the ‘super locrian‘ mode) You’ll really want to check out this past post if you haven’t already. You’ll be lost if you don’t…

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    What everybody ought to know about ninth chords

    Lately, we’ve been talking about power chords, tritones, and substitutions.

    Today, I want to show you how to use tritones and minor chords to form crazy-sounding dominant ninth chords.

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    Here’s a method that’s helping musicians swap out dull chords for exciting ones!

    On Friday, I introduced “tritone substitutions.” And by now, you should be a pro at substituting one dominant chord for another.

    What’s the trick? It’s simple. Just figure out what’s a tritone up or down (you’ll land on the same note) from where you’re currently at — then just play that dominant chord instead of your original one… [more]

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    Can tritone substitutions really revolutionize your playing?

    tritonesmall.jpgWait! I know you’re thinking… “whoa, big words.”

    But let me assure you that this concept is very easy to understand. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Perhaps you’ve seen these words thrown around forums. Well, I’m finally going to demystify tritone substitutions for you…

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    Let me introduce you to the power chord’s cousin…

    fuel-small.jpgNow that you’re familiar with power chords (from yesterday’s post), I want to introduce you to the power chord’s cousin.

    But before I do that, let’s review the power chord really quickly… [more]

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