• FINALLY CRACKED! How (and why) to use the circle of fifths to learn every chord in ALL 12 keys…

    Wow, what can I say…

    I think I’ve started something here…

    The last few weeks, I’ve been trying out a new format
    by taking really good questions from students and not only
    answering them personally, but sending them to our entire
    mailing list.

    This has resulted in a lot of love — and even MORE
    questions from dedicated students all around the world. I’ve
    received at least a good couple hundred questions that could
    easily keep me busy sending responses like this for years…

    But here’s one that made the top of the list. I think
    you’ll really be helped by my reply to Tyler. It’s long but
    packed with details. About 5 lessons in one.

    PRINT THIS OUT because it really is *that* important.


    ***Comment From Tyler N***

    Hi Jermaine,

    Dude, you are incredible. Your knowledge of theory is on
    another planet. Thanks for what you do man, for real.

    I’m trying to learn all 12 keys and I happen…

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