• Want a free $29 course? The first 79 to respond can have it!

    My good friend is giving away his “Piano Recording Secrets” course for free to 79 of our students.

    I’m talking about a guy who has worked with such “A-listers” as Prince, Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Richie (in fact, he was one of the engineers on the hit song, “We Are the World”). He sent me an e-mail saying he wanted to do something very special for my students.

    He has this downloadable course called “Piano Recording Secrets” that normally sells for $29.00. It teaches you how to put everything you learn from me to work —- how to record your music and how to make it sound good!

    Get this… he teaches you how to record like a professional without the need for expensive equipment either! He’s made it so easy that anyone can do it.

    Now here’s the best part…

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