• This Musician “GETS” It…

    In reading through some of my recent e-mails, I found a message from someone who REALLY gets it.

    ***Comment From A Reader Who GETS IT***

    Jermaine, doc, where have you been all my life? Since I purchased your GospelKeys 202 and have been reading through your online blog lessons and resources, they have really opened my mind up to the whole world of…

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    The secret behind “big picture thinking”

    bigpicthinkignsmall.jpgOur last radio show was awesome! We took several callers, gave away tons of prizes, and delved into some more music theory concepts!

    One of our callers had a question about a particular altered chord and I spent some time unraveling it with her. In this post, I just want to take some time to review what I told her on the air. I think this will be extremely helpful for people in the same situation.

    Her question had to do with playing a C diminished 7 chord over F bass. She wanted to know what type of chord it was. So we broke it down…

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