• The secret to inspiring your own flavorful altered chords!

    pianomansmall.jpgI promised yesterday to show you something else you could do with the 3-chord in “Amazing Grace.” As you learned on Thursday, substituting major for minor can sound much better at times. It doesn’t work all the time but it’s usually worth a try. If it sounds worse, you just revert back to using minor… it’s that simple!

    The reason it works is because it’s sort of operating like a 5-chord temporarily…

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    Here’s a quick way to add even more spice to your songs

    spicesmall.jpgToday, we’ll continue to use the circle of fifths to create even bigger chord progressions that are sure to spice up our songs! We’ve certainly come a long way since Wednesday’s lesson on primary chords. And after this post, you’ll be one step closer to picking out these common circular progressions in your favorite songs, guaranteed!

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