• There’s always a “major” in a “minor”… and a “minor” in a “major!”

    advancedmusiciansmall.jpgToday, I want to share a concept that a lot of beginners still don’t get.

    There’s not much difference in playing major and minor chords when you think the way I think.

    In fact, as the title loudly declares: There’s a major chord in every minor chord and a minor chord in every major chord.

    Sure, this isn’t apparent in smaller triads, but it’s clear in seventh chords and up, when carefully analyzed.

    First, let me start this discussion by showing you how…

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    Here’s a quick and easy refresher on tertian chords

    As you may know from past lessons, tertian chords are built on thirds.

    This is majority of the chords you’ll play since almost every common chord (like major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented, and even most altered chords) are built on thirds.

    In this post, I wanted to provide a quick refresher on some of the most common tertian chords.

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    Who else wants to learn 2-5-1 chord progressions in every key?

    If you’ve been on the blog the last few days, you’ve probably watched my 33-minute video teaching you how to play Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You.”

    I chose this song because of its simplicity in structure and to show you how easy it is to play a popular song… if you have the right process. Plus, I love the progressions!

    Yesterday, I posted a quick lesson summarizing the chords. But I couldn’t stay long because I was headed to the hospital to support my grandma as she underwent surgery. Thanks for your prayers, by the way! She’s doing great! :-).

    So today, I want to back up and show you a simple way to play the chords of “Lost Without You” in all 12 keys!

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