• I Know Diminished Triads. How Do I Apply Them?

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    If you’re looking for the application of the diminished triad, then this lesson is for you. Discover how to use diminished triads as passing chords and more

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    Week 4: Diminished Triad + Chord Cheat Sheet

    diminished triad

    In this lesson, you’ll learn multiple methods to form the diminished triad along with a chord cheat sheet and reference guide.

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    Half-Diminished 7th Chord Secrets Revealed

    Half-diminished 7th chords are very important.

    Not only do they naturally occur on the 7th tone of any major scale, they are used as great preparers for dominant chords on the 5th tone.

    If you play gospel, you’ve undoubtedly used a half-diminished 7th chord on the 2nd tone of the scale to lead to the 5th…

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    VIDEO LESSONS: The SECRET to playing ANY and EVERY chord you want in SECONDS (FREE link to another 14pg report included)…

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    Don’t be “skerrrrred” of diminished chords

    scary diminished chordsDiminished chords are not only great in horror scenes. You’ll find them all throughout contemporary gospel music, jazz, blues, and other styles. Learn how to play and use them…

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