• Ask Jermaine: “How To Play #9 #5 Chords”

    This week’s question comes from Sunny: “Thanks Jermaine, please can you spell out the C7 (#9#5) chord?”

    My answer… Great question Sunny because tons of people still struggle with altered chords.

    When you see a “#” (sharp) or “b” (flat) appended to a chord, it’s signifying that…

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    The EASIEST way to play altered scales

    For the past two posts, we’ve been talking about the altered scale.

    Now I want to teach you a trick that will have you playing ANY altered scale you want in 3 seconds… that is, if you know your major scales! Here’s the ONE and only rule you need to know…

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    How To Use The Altered Scale Over Different Chords

    bandbig.jpgI’m back! Things have been so hectic. From the launch of GMTC to server problems and Thanksgiving, I’ve had enough to keep me busy indeed.

    But now, my head is clear and I’m ready to go full force!

    Recall, the other day, I taught you the altered scale (a.k.a. – the ‘super locrian‘ mode) You’ll really want to check out this past post if you haven’t already. You’ll be lost if you don’t…

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