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    Enjoy this Musician Xplosion Video Trailer.

    The 10 Church Dimensions (Styles) Include:

    • http://musicianxplosion.s3.amazonaws.com/images/image003.pngPraise – This covers traditional hand-clapping, foot-stomping praise and devotional songs performed in many charismatic churches. Examples of these praise songs include songs like “What A Mighty God We Serve,” “This Little Light Of Mine,” “God Is A Good God,” and others. For contemporary praise, see CCM section.

    • Worship – This encompasses slow songs and chord progressions usually performed during the opening Praise and Worship parts of the service.

    • Shouting – In charismatic churches, this is the high praise moment of the service and often musically associated with uptempo bass runs, looping patterns, rhythmic riffs and fill-ins, and more.

    • http://musicianxplosion.s3.amazonaws.com/images/image007.pngTransitional / Talk – This is filler music often used underneath a speaker (church/pastor announcements) to preserve the flow of the service.

    • Traditional / Hymns – This encompasses hymns and sacred songs often performed by the entire congregational during various parts of the service.

    • Preacher Backup – During charismatic sermons, this is the climactic ending that usually involves more excitement in speech and tone, accompanied by organ and/or piano.

    • Offering & Fellowship – These are exciting parts of the service that get the congregation in a joyful mood.

    • Occasional Music – These are less reoccurring events like communion, baptismal, anniversaries, and annual events that require special song selections.

      Click here for more information on the Musician Xplosion series

    • http://musicianxplosion.s3.amazonaws.com/images/image010.pngContemporary Christian Music (CCM) – Common in modern churches, this style of music features more major-sounding chords and progressions and less traditional movements covered in other dimensions. Songs include “Lord I Lift Your Name On High,” “Here I Am To Worship,” and others.

    • Wildcard – While this isn’t an official dimension, during wildcard segments, musicians could cover anything they wanted. This includes special grooves, miscellaneous parts of the service, or one of the previous

    Click here for more information on the Musician Xplosion series

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