• Introduction To The HearandPlay “Christmas On The Piano” Series

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    Welcome to the HearandPlay Christmas On The Piano Series.

    Over the next couple of weeks and into the holiday season, we’re going to be learning how to play, accompany, and harmonize Christmas songs like Silent Night, Deck The Hall, Oh Come Let Us Adore Him, and lots of others.

    This Christmas program is suitable for the novice and for beginners because we’re getting started with the basics — where we’ll study notes, the major key and scale. So, if you don’t even know anything about the piano, you don’t have to worry — you’re on the right page.

    “What Would You Rather Do This Holiday?”

    There are so many things you can do with your holiday; trip to your favorite holiday destination, visiting of family and friends, attending of parties, carnivals, end of the year meetings, weddings, and a lot more.

    But at the end of the holiday season, you’ll belong to one of these three categories of people:

    Those who wasted their holiday

    Those who spent their holiday

    Those who invested their holiday

    …and I’ll be giving you some insights on these categories of people.

    “Those Who WASTED Their Holiday…”

    I know this may not go down well with some of my esteemed friends, like you (and maybe your friends too), however, I have to tell you the truth — exactly the way it is:

    Any holiday not accounted for is wasted.

    If at the end of this holiday season, you look back and you’re not able to pick out one or two things that you did with your time, energy, and resources, then I’m sorry, you’ve wasted a whole holiday.

    I really know what it feels like to waste a holiday and I’ve done that a couple of times. So, I know exactly what I’m talking about and if there’s any holiday that shouldn’t be wasted, this one is definitely that holiday that should be spent or invested.

    “Those Who SPENT Their Holiday…”

    Those who spent their holiday belong to the category of people who used the holiday period to go on vacation, make a trip to a holiday destination, attend weddings, parties, etc.

    There are a lot of things you can spend your holiday on and time will fail me to list them all but you know them.

    You can decide to spend this holiday just like every other one in the past that you have or try something different — which is to invest it into something valuable.

    “Those Who INVESTED Their Holiday…”

    An invested holiday is a holiday where time, energy, and resources are used to acquire value.

    If you invest the next four weeks into the Christmas On The Piano series, you’ll definitely be taking your musicianship to the next level after the holidays because of the valuable information you’ll be getting.

    An invested holiday will deny you the luxury of time and energy that people spend in other things and I know how it feels like because I’ve also invested several holidays.

    But I can tell you without fear or favor that you’ll be benefiting immensely from this investment and you’ll have something to show for it at the end of this series.

    The HearandPlay Christmas On The Piano Series

    As my contribution to your development, and with the consent of Jermaine Griggs (the founder and president of HearandPlay Music Group), I’m going to be giving you something you can invest on; something that you can, at the end of the holiday, look back on and be glad you did.

    Below is a run-down of what we’ll be covering in this Christmas series:

    Week #1: “Here Are The Notes, Key, And Scale You’ll Be Needing This Christmas”

    Week #2: “How To Play Jingle Bells And Twelve Other Christmas Melodies”

    Week #3: “How To Accompany Christmas Songs On The Piano”

    Week #4: The Beginner’s Approach To The Harmonization Of Christmas Songs

    Final Words

    It’s going to be a smooth and easy journey for everyone and I’m going to take you by the hand and show you how you can play those Christmas songs on the piano.

    Thank you for your time and don’t forget to consistently check back for our weekly updates.

    All the best and see you in the next lesson.

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    Onyemachi "Onye" Chuku is a Nigerian musicologist, pianist, and author. Inspired by his role model (Jermaine Griggs) who has become his mentor, what he started off as teaching musicians in his Aba-Nigeria neighborhood in April 2005 eventually morphed into an international career that has helped hundreds of thousands of musicians all around the world. Onye lives in Dubai and is currently the Head of Education at HearandPlay Music Group and the music consultant of the Gospel Music Training Center, all in California, USA.

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