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    The website is up! Click here to get all the details about the free GospelKeys 102 I’m giving away! (Ordering link not active until 9am pacific / 12 pm noon eastern)

    “dang Jermaine… this is gonna be BIG!”

    A real good friend of mine just got done previewing this NEW video announcement I just shot and when he called me back that’s all he could say…

    There are two versions. The youtube version is low bandwidth version (for slower internet connections). If you have faster internet, try the second high bandwidth link. Either way, you want to make sure you watch this announcement.


    (This high resolution version is big and a lot of people will be loading it at one time. It might be better to let it fully load and then press play.)


    For the past 3 years something’s been silently brewing, and now that we’re getting closer to lift off, the excitement is about to erupt!

    Everyone here at my office is BUZZING big time — and if you *think* you’ve seen us do it all…

    …Trust me – You haven’t! :-)

    leavecomment.jpgSo watch either of the videos above and don’t forget to leave a me a comment below with what you think I’ve got up my sleeve (or anything else you’d like to say).

    More info is gonna be coming soon but if you miss this first video you’ll be missing part of the picture later on.

    Stay tuned —

    Update: In the midst of all we’ve got going on with this new project, I posted a second 33-minute video lesson teaching you how to play a very popular song BY EAR. You can find it here.

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!

    Attention: To learn more about this, I recommend our 500+ page course: The "Official Guide To Piano Playing." Click here for more information.


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    1 jon

    Wow, Jermaine! welcome back! I’ve always enjoyed your videos and while I’m not one of those from 2001 you talked about, I’ve been blessed by your gospelkeys ever since 2003. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to. Again, welcome back.



    2 Missie

    Gosh Jermaine… why you holding out on us? I want to KNOW now!!!!!!!!!! :)

    At any rate, enjoying this blog and if your working on is half as good as what you’ve been posting everyday, we’re in store ofr a treat.

    thx, missie


    3 Pete Sihili

    Hi jermiane,

    This is pete from ghana. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to come back. THere’s many videos that you say you’re giong to do another one but like you said, we haven’t heard from you in years. i hope it’s one of these videos that your going to continue. I have learned so much from gospelkeys 101 and 202. God has blessed you with a great gift to convey music. you are blessed. thanks for this video and may God continues to blest your ministry.
    peter sihili


    4 Myron

    I definitely know what you mean when you say the longer you don’t do anything, the harder it gets to get back in the groove of things. It makes us feel like you’re human as I have always viewed you and the other guys like jason white, mike bereal, jonathan as superstars. I really appreciate this honest video. I know it’s an announcement but it inspires me. I will be checking all my emails because i definitely want to be a part of this.


    5 Donald

    When is it coming out ?


    6 Pete

    he said sometime in Novembers


    7 Larissa

    I’m thankful to hearandplay for all you guys do. I’ve been buying your courses for about 5 years now and every one of them has been a blessing to my playing. I never knew something like this existed before.

    I’m glad you’re coming back. It’s great to have people like Jason White and Mike Bereal but as you said in your video, you really do have a knack for teaching and you will take your time and break it down. So when you asked “why me,” I would answer “because you are uniquely you.” Im sure others would agree.

    Is this gospelkeys 203 or something?


    8 Jermaine

    Thanks for your comments! I’ll be doing more video updates soon. As soon as we wrap up, I’ll be able to give more details!

    Stay tuned —


    9 Derrick Rodgers

    Looking forward to it Jermaine. You indeed have been the best instructor out there. I am working on your material now and my wife who was trying to use some other material has started on your workbook. I am looking forward to how she will be blessed. I have purchased just about all of your products, 101, 200, 300, christmas, organ, etc…I cant wait…I want to be one of those in front when it rolls out.



    obviously you guys have a LOT of time on your hands to go through a 8 minute video that talked about absolutely NOTHING! wow get another sales pitch


    11 Larissa

    Somebody, if you’ve bought Jermaine’s products before and have been wondering where he’s been, I think the video answers a lot. Maybe he could have talked more about his upcoming project but I think it will come in time. As for me, I enjoyed the update. Again, I think it depends on who you are and how much you’re connected with what they do. For me, hearandplay has been a key part of my playing so anything they say is worth listening to.


    12 jon

    Lol at “somebody.” Evidentally, you watched it to! :-)


    13 Jean

    Enjoyed the video. I’ve been playing for 2 years and owe a lot of my growth to h&p. I was thinking that you were just coming back with a dvd but you keep saying it’s something you’ve never done before so I can’t really imagine what that will be. But you definitely planted a seed of curiosity and i’ll stay tuned to find out what it is.


    14 Tim

    J, I think I’m the one who has inspired this! :) I’ve called your office at least once per month wondering when gospelkeys 203, 404, and 102 will be out. THese are courses you have mentioned in other courses or on the back cover of a dvd. They kept telling me soon and at one point i gave up. Ask your operator erica, she’ll tell you. Ok, i won’t take all the credit. I’m sure others were wondering the same thing. Anywayz, you guys alrady know I’m in the front of the line. Especially if its a course by you. This has been a long time in the making.


    15 Tim

    oops, excuse my spelling ya’ll. It won’t let me edit it.


    16 a.k. (w/o_the_47)

    I can think of two things you have not done before…

    1. you have not released a course in BLURAY… but that’s not it cuz it will be too high tech for most of us
    2. you have not released a course that contains all your courses… cuz such a collection will be too precious, too priceless… and we won’t be able to afford it… :)

    so what cld it be? cld it be a course on how to program a keyboard? LOL.

    well, one thing I know for sure is if it’s from Jermaine, or if it says “hearAndPlay” on it, then it’s good quality stuff and it’s good for me.


    17 Jermaine

    haha thanks A.K.! Good guesses!

    (See you on the radio show tomorrow if you’re going to be calling in).


    18 Simone

    I DEMAND to know more! I didn’t watch all that to be teased :-)

    I just called the office and they aren’t taking preorders or anything. I told them as long as it’s under $100 and it has your name on it, that I’m in. But they said I would have to wait for more information. So i guess you guys are really building this one up. I know it’s gonna be good. I’m on the list so I gues sall i can do is wait.

    Akay, blueray…lol. I don’t even have a blueray player.


    19 Bill

    I bet it has to do with some online training since he’s done audio cds, dvds, and a workbook. That is the only thing i can think of that is “something he’s never done before.” I could be wrong.


    20 Sandra

    Way to go J! Welcome back!


    21 Lakhil


    you’ve never been gone in my book. I got your chords 101, and 102 series last year. I guess on the dvd screen maybe but your audios are just as good to me. I listen to them in my car most of the time.

    If this is a dvd, I can’t wait to see the details.


    22 Steve Harrison

    Hi Jermaine — when will the next update be published? And will this be available in the begining or end of november?


    23 J

    I’m waiting patiently for this one. I haven’t bought anything in over a year and i think i’m overdue. don’t want to get stagnant in my playing.


    24 Ryan

    Great video! who did the editing? Jermaine are you doing any more seminars?


    25 Thomas

    Well sir, I am totally excited about this new endeavor of yours. You were one of my first piano teachers here on the web. I learned, and am still learning, so much from you from many of your post on your site. I will be looking forward to it here in Tennessee. Be Blessed!!!


    26 Tracey

    Don’t call it a comeback!!


    27 Brenda

    A few months ago I learned from Gospel Keys 101 and now I am having a great time with Christmas Keys. Come December, I hope to play in church. For a 56 year old grandma who has wished all these years that I could play piano, I thank you, Jermaine, for making it possible. I am excited to see what you have up your sleeve with this new course.


    28 michel

    Hi Tracy, how come you say not to call it a comeback?


    29 william

    to me J has never been gone. Ever since i found out about the site, i’ve always known of him and he has been at the forefront. even when other people did courses i saw it as him sharing his ‘friends’ with us. i’m glad, though that he is doing a dvd again, if that’s what it is.


    30 nicholas G

    I’m in!


    31 Pamsee

    Jermaine this is absolutely awesome. Keep up the good work. Continue to be a blessing. You are in the right season for your come back. This is a true time of Harvest for the saints.

    God Bless you,


    32 ALBERTO

    WOW Jermaine! thanks for your beautiful video and for taking good care of us. You are the best teacher that I have had; mainly because you are a great son of God, you know exactly how to help us step by step to learn how to play the piano and because you think about your students every single day. It is a God’s blessing to have you as my piano teacher.

    I already got from you the Gospel Keys 101, 102 and 300. I would like you to keep e-mailing me information about the next Gospel Keys videos that will help me, as a beginer, to continue growing and succeed in the piano. I also got from you the Salsa Piano 101. I still have not played all of these discs, but I want to have all of them because you are a very serious musician and I know that I will be a musician too with the help of your great courses. God bless you Jermaine.


    33 Leslie

    Great to hear that you’ve been working on something…looking forward to it. I haven’t purchased any of hearandplay’s products, but I’ve been following the development of hearandplay since 2002. It’s great to see where it’s at right now. Still looking for that piano-product that appeals to my needs…I’m sure it’ll come..


    34 praizim

    I am totally excited. Jermaine….Bring it ON!!!!


    35 MamboRaay

    I’m curious to what it is you come up with next. I’m still waiting for your 300p course to arrive, hopefully it will be here before you announce your new stuff.
    It’s truly a blessing that you give people so many options of styles and even other instruments now. Products from your team are always nice , but products from the master himself is an even greater gift.
    I’ll be looking out for your release date!


    36 Sanne

    Welcome back Jermaine! You’ve been gone too long! There’s something with your style of teaching that has impacted my playing greatly. Can’t wait to see what HearandPlay has in store for us!


    37 Christy

    Can’t wait to hear the news………..All in Gods time.
    Welcome Back


    38 Minister Holmes

    Yes I’ll can I say it again it’s all in Gods time, I love what God has done with you my brother let God have His way,as you do ! and I know that you do I love you my brother and may He keep blessing you, so that you can keep blessing us with the music.


    39 Minister Holmes

    I love what God is doing with you my brother.


    40 Dana Rice

    Dude, you didn’t tell us ANYTHING!!! Whatever you’ve got cooking is gonna be great though- I just know it. And if it’s bigger than everything else you’ve done – I can’t even imagine that. Can’t wait!


    41 Henry

    Hey Jermaine!
    I’m very excited to hear your back doing videos. Just to give a short version of my story, I’m 36 and I’ve always want to play piano. My church had no musician for about a year. My pastor encouraged and pushed to learn. I tried getting lessons from another musician but I strongly believe that the teacher makes the difference in how you learn, at least in my case. God blessed me to run across hear and play in mid 2006 and I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down my face. I began to play and understand like never before. I’ve learned the most from YOUR lessons because I’m a beginner so while all the others are great and I know soon I will be able to play like John and Mike and Jason, I enjoy the teachng you do. It gives me foundation and fundimentals but still lets me sound like I know what I’m doing. People can’t believe I’ve only been playing for a year and a half and I have hear and play to thank for that.

    Like everyone else I’ve been waiting for Jermaine to do another dvd! I can’t wait. God Bless


    42 Steven

    I’m like the others here who have benefited the most from your dvds jermaine. Like Henry just said above, the other dvds are great for people who know what they’re doing. You just have a way of making to real easy and plain. God has blessed you with that gift. You may think it’s all basic stuff that you teach but out of all hte videos i’ve bought, you have gotten me the furthest. Yes potential is there for other dvds but those are longer stretch. with your stuff, it is comprehensible and attainable right then and there and u break it down so that there are no questions left not answered. For me, thats what i appreciate the most. At least give us another clue as to what it may be :-). Is it a course you told us about a long time agob ut never came out with?


    43 Joseph

    welcome back Jermaine!


    44 Joseph

    Jermaine thank you so much you make my day please send me the details now.


    45 Regina

    Hi, J.

    I hope you don’t mine me calling you J. This will be short and sweet.
    I love your youtube and website. I am not able to order at this time, but I
    do plan on ordering in the near future. I am new musician. And
    I don’t know how to blog. Please forget for that. I will be learning that also.
    May God bless you and your team.


    46 Brenda

    PS I am the 56 year old grandma who forgot to mention what I would like to see in this new course. As a beginner, I would love to be walked through the basics in every key, doing a few hymns for each key. You have taught me enough to be able to figure it out on my own, but it takes a lot of time and labor and I would appreciate the same kind of help you gave in 101 and Christmas Keys. But your new course is probably totally different from that. I look forward to finding out.


    47 MS

    PASSION, Jermaine, PASSION!!! That’s what you have, and that’s what I need!
    Since I am a new-comer to your website, I wouldn’t even guess what you are keeping under cover, but don’t make the suspence too long.
    The video serves its purpose – to get our anticipation growing!! All good. You are truly a PROGRESSIVE man. Blessings on all your endeavours. Will stay tuned.



    This is from WEWILLIAMS,
    Jermaine, you have truly been a blessing to me and my daughter. I had stopped practicing some time ago, until I found your web site through the grace of God. Knowing this is a true statement, if you can hear it you can play it. Now I am practicing more and growing with my music and it’s allowed me an opportunity to help my 19 year old daughter who’s in college with her music.
    I already know by looking at your video that we are in for a treat of a life time. I think it going to be something that’s going to help us all realize our potential in music so much better. And like so many others, we are looking forward to hearing all the good news… My God continue to be a blessing in yours and your family’s life’s.


    49 jay moe

    hi i am been taking keyboard lessons for about a year. my teacher has taught me songs only in the key of E flat. i probably can comfortably play 5 songs. i purchased gospelkeys 101, and it was a great help. i also have mastering worship keys, but it seems a little beyond me right now. i believe something like the 300 pg course in a video form would be a great help. my church minister of music left abruptly and i am being put in that position, we have no musician, thus the praise and worship has been somewhat of a struggle. HELP HELP. any suggestions, info, would be greatly and whole heartedly appreciated. from what i have seen and heard i know HEAR and PLAY can show me how to get where i need to go! MUCH LOVE


    50 Dawn

    I’m not sure I fit your demographic – lol! I started playing by listening to my son’s teacher and trying it out at home, using notes only. But I knew I could pick out tunes with out much trouble. I’d asked so many people for help and they all said the same thing, — I was too old; it was too late; I hadn’t played as a child. I continued to try to learn classical piano, expecting to branch out somewhere, somehow…

    I found you on the internet and wow — you’re the first person who ever said: If you can hear it, you can play it. What an encouragement! I listen to recordings of music now and pick up whatever it is that will fill in during worship. If I saw on paper what I’m playing, — it’d probably scare me. I really want to save up and get one of your courses. After many years of piano lessons my son plays bass (cool!) — loves the blues. I really want to learn more from all of you on this site.


    51 sai

    thanks jermaine for giving the valuble lessons ………
    but plz help me in reading nots of piano……..
    u know that am an biginner so try to help me to read the piano notes

    again thanks for giving the valuble lessons……….


    52 samuel patrick

    I sincerely wanna use this little opportunity to say hello to jermaine and the rest of the Gospel musician i said may God contiune to be your strenght. Please once again thank you for the inspiration and comfort you have given to me ever since i became a member of hear and play, i have been playing for the past 3Years without no changes but ever since i step into this category my life has never been the same God bless you Jermaine for the good thought you have towards the young people.
    yours sincerly
    Samuel Patrick


    53 Brian Griffith

    Hi Jermaine,
    Brian G from Barbados. Glad to see and hear you again. I’ve been with you since about 2003. Your book, the secrets to playing piano by ear and your 202 DVD course have really helped me to understand what I was playing for all these years. I only played by ear and for about 20 years I was not able to explain to others what cords or progression I was playing. Now with the help of these Courses I can. Thank you again. God bless

    Brian Griffith


    54 Emmanuel

    Keep doing what you doing and may God richly bless you.


    55 Silver Sargent

    I’ve been with U way back in 2000, and God has blessed me with all of your DVD’s , now, I’m a music teacher with a childcare learning school of more then 250 students. You are so blessed to have your wife and family with a growing (Hear and Play). You’ve never been away.

    God is with us my dear friend and I thank him for U, Jermaine .

    Brother Silver J. Sargent


    56 Sandro

    Hi Jermaine,
    Sandro from Brasil…..I’m excited about this new thing.We need as soon as possible!I do have Gospel Keys Urban Pro 600 and I Loved, so please, like I said Bring it on!
    Peace & God Bless


    57 Chris (a.k.a Pooh2)


    I’m looking forward to see what you’re going to do with this next one. I’m glad to here that you’re coming back to the helm.

    Be blessed,


    58 Brenda

    I enjoyed hearing a little about your life and would like to see a pciture of you with your wife and child.


    59 Larry

    Sounds exciting. I can’t wait. Continue the progress!


    60 sky

    Very Nicely Done!


    61 Hugo

    I’ve been blessed as well with many of the hear and play videos. This videos en cd’s give me really a big support leading a p&W-team. Now which direction could the next development take… bandsupport video or a Music Conference???
    Whatever it will be, it will be at least as blessed as all the work you’ve been doing up till now.
    greetings from The Netherlands,


    62 Ron

    Welcome back Jermaine. My association with you several years ago up ’til now has really benefited me. Thanks!

    I eagerly look forward to the November announcement.

    R. Jerome Harris


    63 Brenda

    I accidently signed up to get all the new comments sent to me. Please take me off that service. I would rather just check up on your blog site than get all these in my spam!!! Looking forward to the new product!


    64 Olanrewaju Adagba

    sir i am not that happy because i do not have access to any of your DVDS,because i don not have credit card.is there any other means of buy your DVDS apart from using the credit card.
    i am reside in south africa.the little tips i got from you via emails as helped my playing.i am one of the old member but i can not lay my hand on any of your product.PLEASE HELP ME


    65 MS

    Hah, so I am not the only one with this problem of not having a credit card!! It is really hampering my ability to order more of your courses. Remember all the problem I had getting the 300-pg course, until you so graciously agreed to send me the course. I hope that by now you have received the bank cheque that I sent. Thanks very much for your assistance. Seriously, what other option we have, especially as we do not live in the USA, and there is so much misappropriation going on? However, I am trying to get a card, and hope that it won’t take much longer, as I would really love to get more of your products.
    Thanks for all you and your team are doing. God bless you all, abundantly!


    66 Leighton

    I’m glad hear you got back on the saddle bro…
    Expecting great stuff man…


    67 Taft

    I am very, very excited about your upcomming project. Please keep me posted.


    68 Michael

    Hi everyone… I don’t have a clue about what everyone is talking about.
    I JUST ordered my first product yesterday (And obviously haven’t gotten it yet)

    Maybe someone can help me here. Is there a course that takes a song played with “basic” chords and then plays the same song with altered/voiced chords?

    Does the product discuss “how” to substitute or revoice? All the nice chords are great from what I saw/heard in the demos, but “how” those voiceings or altered chords were “chosen” is what I’m looking for.

    Hope someone here can shout out some 411.

    After reading the posts here I’m more excited than ever to get my order in :)

    Thanks all,
    Michael K


    69 a.k.(w/o_the_47)

    @Michael K

    which course did you purchase?
    the 202 course is somewhat like what you’re describing.


    70 ciamber

    Hi Jermaine, I’m Federico from Argentina; i’ve started to visit the site only a few days ago and I cannot tell how much it has already helped me (thanks about that). Anyway, I hope this big announcement refers to something to which we can all get access without needing to spend much money on it, that would be brilliant for so many people
    Thanks and keep us informed !


    71 Johnson P.

    Hi, I just got the e-mail and watched the entire video (hd was way better than the youtube one). I’m excited for what you guys are doing.

    I think someone needs to just cut to the chase and teach all the hot songs out. That would be nice. It’s great to have ear training and all hte tools and stuff we learn but some of us just need a place to go to learn real songs that are out right now that we can go take to our church services right away. i hope that this will touch on that as you have pretty much covered all the basic and fundamentals i can think of and you do have many courses but greats like j white and mike berueal. i will await like everyone else. I HAve enjoyed reading all the commetns here. I’ve been here for at least 30 minutes seeing what everyone else is saying. it’s awesome.


    72 King

    Jermaine i was on the radio show last night. It’s getting better and better. You didn’t really touch on this during the show but afterwards you gave us a little hint about it being multiple things, not just a dvd or something. So im looking fowrard to it.



    73 Pete

    why hold it from us Jermaine? Are you doing this on purpose ;) You have done your job. You have got us excited. now tell us for goodness sakes. Peter


    74 Zoe D

    Hi everyone, i know how this hearand play thing has been hyped up and i have to admit that im being sucked in. HOWEVER… being as keen as i am to get to grips with playin the keys in a gospel setting ive tried so many options and to be fair i think ive wasted quite a bit of money. a lot of people hype up their courses only for u to be let dwn and not taught as u thought. i hear music both inside me and all around me n i just want to be able to let it out on the keys lol JERMAINE… are u my man??


    75 Pete

    Zoe, hearandplay is good at what they do and they have built a successful company. But all there members and satisifed customers speak for themselves. The support is just overwhelming. Their courses really do help. Just see what he teaches on this blog and you’ll be convinced. but that’s just my opinon.


    76 Joseph

    Word of advice. Don’t check the box to be notified or you’ll get tons of notifications. I was like the 15th person or so to comment but like a gazillion have come in sense so i had to unsubscribe from those alerts. it’s great though if you want to see what everyone else is saying. I just thought i would let everyone know. looks like a lot of people are excited. I know I AM


    77 Jermaine

    Wow it’s been refreshing reading all the comments. I’m sitting here working on my blog post for today and I just can’t fight the urge to refresh this page to see all the regular comments coming through the funnel.

    I’m still working on the details. But I will launch them soon.

    No, it’s not having to do with bluray or anything like that (although that would be neat). Someone here was really close. It is gospel related and it ***WILL*** make things a lot easier.

    Let’s just say that there are resources out there that teach a man how to fish and there are resources out there that give a man a fish. A lot of our resources teach how to fish. This conglomeration of things, let’s just say will do BOTH. For those who want the fishing techniques, BAM! You’ll get it! For those of you who want to be given the fish and perfectly fried in a nice, seasoned battered, BAM! It will definitely help you too! :-)

    Keep the comments coming. It will definitely help me to know what to focus my updates on. All the best guys and thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much for writing! Appreciate it!



    78 Lynn

    I appreciated your video. Unlike “Someone”, I believe that it wasn’t too long nor was it a “sales pitch.”
    Glad you took time out to enjoy the precious gift of family! Artistic people need those kinds of breaks to be “renewed.” Being able to say “I’m Back” is such a cool feeling!!
    Looking forward to your new project. You have inspired many of us to believe that “If we can hear it, we can play it”, keep sending out that message! Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    God Bless You All,


    79 austin

    i like your idea


    80 angela

    i want to no about rote method is this a good way to play piano or not and how to use it


    81 pete

    i agree with Missie, dont hold out on us much longer brother!!



    82 wesley baker

    fr.wesley,thank you for your lessons,they have help me, can’t wait for it to come.


    83 Bill

    Jermaine, I want you to know how much of a blessing you’ve been to my playing and my ministry. I thank God for allowing me to find our website. My playing has never quite been the same since. I frequent the blog almost every day. if what you’re working on is anything close to this blog, then we are all in store for a treat. Iknow you’ve gotten me excited, if no one else.

    Bill Stunner


    84 renold


    keep up the good work…Never give up as long as you know what you”re doing is right im always here praying for you..

    God Bless more and more!



    85 Mienye Allison

    Hi Griggs

    Just to say i really appreciate all your techniques in lecturing piano, it is concise and precise, if you understand what i am talking about, in other words it isn’t complex.

    Yet still i need your favour, down here in Nigeria we are majorly confronted with an issue in most of our small churches, and that is a pianist.

    My church faced such, some months back not until i accidentally came across your site, and i must say, that i have no regret at all browsing this site.

    But i need a favour, could you please send me a book showing the picture of a piano, it’s chord on it and how to apply these chord in a song, because that is my major task now. I have seen so many chords diminish, augment, major, 9th, 13th but my problem is when and how do i apply these chords to a song.

    I will really appreciate, if you could help me and i know that God Almighty will bless you.




    86 Rashad

    I am definitely excited about Jermaine coming back! I know I have sent him several emails about coming back to the board because his teaching is very essential and paved for all learners to gain something. Moreover, Jermaine’s teaching is always consisistent. He doesn’t give you a progression and a move in F# and then move to Ab with another progression. He always teaches a good continuation to build upon!


    87 Olanrewaju Seun P

    Hi Jermaine,thanks for all the lesson materials and some other important messages you’ve been sending to me,may God continue to bless and empower you with more grace and favour.The last time i try to order for 300p and some other DVD with my master card,i could not find the space which i can input my master card number.I will try to re-order for the 300p course and some other DVD,anytime i have enough cash to load my master card.
    Olanrewaju S.P.



    I’ve not watch ur videos but i could say ur gospel keys really help me keep going Jah bless u.


    89 Jackson S

    Jermaine, I just want to let you know you’re doing an awesome job. I will be looking for your future announcement.


    90 chanya

    So Excite to know this good news…..cannot wait anymore. I know you always working so hard for us. God Bless you and your family….
    PS: Will you have any downloadable VDO. in the future also?


    91 Carol Cooper


    I have always said that you are the best teacher!! Others can play but they lack in your teaching skills. You really know how to make sense of it all. I wish that you could take from their DVD’s and teach it.

    Anyway, my guess is that you are going to teach us on playing in a band, playing with others. It’s different than playing by yourself. Or maybe it’s playing for a choir. I’m really excited about this. Can’t wait to find out!!!!!!!


    92 Roland

    It’s about how to make it sound good on your synth/keyboard.
    Different settings when it comes rhythms,sound combinations.


    93 madcatmoore

    I think it’s great that you are about to make this BIG annoucement you could not have picked a better time then this.”Why?”, you say. Because there is no better teaching tool out there then Hear and Play Music when it comes to learning to play the piano by ear. Just when you though it could not get any better then what it all ready is leave it to God to work through you Mr. Griggs to produce an even better product.

    I truly thank may God for poeple like you and your company at Hear end Play Music who really are on the cutting edge of instructional innovation.


    94 Óttar Guttesen

    Dear Mr. Griggs i was buying a cource in 2006, The Secrets to Playing Piano By Ear! But i havent played regularly sins my electric piano has a broken cable. But i´m going to start as soon as it´s fixed. Want to learn music theory and to be playing a little bit better piano by ear. now i hope Hear and Play is been blessed by God. Sorry my American is not so perfect. You´ll be hearing from me again, Thank you very much, Bye,bye.


    95 Rock

    for over some times i haven’t been reading ur post why not send post to me thru’ links i think it will be very easy fro me to read i loev music and i love ur blogs …………. I ll be happy if u can send me linki can download here in nigeria and watch at my convinient time…. thank u stiil my email adresses are obistepet@yahoo.com and cstandcoil44@yahoo.com


    96 David Wilkinson

    Dang. You sure as heck have got me guessing. :P

    A big package with all your existing products in plus a whole load of new stuff? A really big physical course with software and all sorts?

    Love the ending BTW. Totally gonna stealthat for my biz. ;)



    97 chawk

    I believe the thing you got up your sleeve is probably launching online piano lesson videoes of yourself teaching.


    98 Yuancy

    Welcome back let’s learn learn learn


    99 Guy Sidbury

    Bro. Jermaine Griggs, Hello bro Guy from North Carolina I have really enjoyed your sites and teachin’ it really open my eyes to new styles and chords. It motivated me to play harder get better.God bless you man. Keep up the work God has givin’ you Phil.1:6 and I will continued to log on your sites maybe buy a coure or two………thank you…….Guy


    100 singersam wright

    hi, j grigg i can feal stilz. when working on the pratical part of your piano lesson , i will say u are a blessing and not a [coz] to your generation. keep it up, – pleace grigg i rely need your online[ cetificate] on piano lesson, i love to have it with me as a proof in my hand, as an old student under [hearandplay.com.] if u will send it to my [mail] i will be very greatfull . pl grigg i need a fast reply [ thanks singersam wright.


    101 Lennon Sibiya

    Hi Jermaine
    Nice to see that you’re back in full force.Wish you and your family and staff the richest of God’s blessings. I feel like I’ve met you in person though I have not. That’s how connected I am to you guys. U R good.

    Looking forward to what’s comming next.

    All the best


    102 Mike Wall


    Congrats! I miss your easy going bedside manner. I also confirms, for me at least, that no one inspires quite the way you have.. I just have one comment and perhaps a suggestion and that is that you provide some slow motion feature for the note copiers like myself and be sure to one can see the depression of the keys. God Bless! Welcome home!



    103 Jermaine

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    @Mike wall: You’ve read my mind! I’m making it so that all notes will be shown and I’m introducing a free online tool that slows down videos. You can watch at half speed or even quarter speed. Gonna be awesome!

    @Everyone: Look out for my next video! It will be up today!


    104 Jermaine
    105 Melanie Maguire

    LOL – like the outtake bit at the end! Looking forward to it, Jermaine,

    God bless,

    Melanie (Bristol, UK)


    106 Jabu Zondi

    Hi J,
    I must say that since I’ve started following your tutorials I’ve been blessed not only spiritually but also got some extra good chords to play and my playing has changed.
    May the good lord richely bless you,

    Jabu Zondi (South Africa)


    107 Jonathan

    for over some times i haven’t been reading ur post why not send post to me thru’ links i think it will be very easy fro me to read i loev music and i love ur blogs …………. I ll be happy if u can send me linki can download here in Ghana and watch at my convinient time…. thank u stiil my email adresses are


    108 godfrey

    Jermaine, i really love to get a copy of this your new video.
    I told you earlier on that i stay in ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria.
    I want you to keep me posted on any development before the release.
    Thanks,…………..You are too much.Kudos to u once again


    109 ernest

    am so happy, because i have gain alot thank


    110 Mo

    Hey J, looking forward to the announcement!! Let’s get it crackin’


    111 Earnest

    Great to see you again, Jermaine Hope all is well with the family. Looking forward to your “surprise” I already know We won’t be disappointed!


    112 Dennis Dent

    Jermaine I know you said the dvd will be free,but what will be your cost for the monthly training program.


    113 Emmauel

    you are too much!


    114 Roy

    Hi Jermaine
    I wanted to tell you that this was the first time that I’ve actually set through
    the entire session of your course. I got interested from just watching you play and your course would be a good thing to take. I like challenges and learning new cords, because thats how I was taught in the beginning. I am very late seeing this video and i would like to have the free session if possible, and join the club.
    I do need help. Help! Thanks Roy B.
    P.S. Lost without you was Deep!


    115 immeriuff

    i think i read about that on digg yesterday


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    I like your useful article. brilliant contribution. I hope you write others. I will continue subscribing


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