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    If you’ve been reading my newsletter, you know we’re going to be on the next season of “House Hunters,” a show that has been running on HGTV for over a decade.

    The show is detailing our transition from a smaller home into one that will hold our rapidly growing family — wife, 2 daughters, 1 son, myself… and maybe even another future son, if things work out as planned! :-).

    So needless to say, having more space in the next home is a pretty big deal and on top of the list.

    Believe it or not, it takes 5 full days (9am to 5:30pm) to create an episode. I thought doing our hearandplay all-day video shoots was strenuous… but reality tv is no joke!

    The crew is an absolute pleasure to work with. They’ve even given me tons of tips and pointers for my own projects. In fact, one of the cameramen let me hold his $65,000 camera! I was like, “Are you sure you want to trust me with that!”

    Because of the questions they asked, I think this show will reveal a lot about our journey… not only as high school sweethearts, but where we started and how far we’ve been blessed to come. I can’t wait to give you a definite “Air” date! (Update: The show will air on HGTV Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 10pm e/p. Check your local listings).

    If you watch the show and are familiar, please tune in! If you don’t, check it out anyway. It’s a really neat show, following couples that are looking for that next home. And this season, I’m told they are switching things up a bit so I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Must be at least 15 hours of footage to scavenge through… ya’ll know I talk a lot!

    Show debuts: Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 10pm e/p (check your local listings for details)

    Take care,

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    1 Narek

    Hi Jermaine,

    That’s so awesome. Definitely would love to watch the show when it airs. So COOL! :-)

    Better and better,


    2 Jermaine Griggs

    Thanks for the comment Narek. I’ll definitely let you know when!

    Take care buddy,

    3 Jared Burns

    yo Jermaine thats my favorite show on my favorite channel! me n my wife watch that channel like all day! congrats on yall’ new crib.

    so when you will you drop the hearandplay tv channel? that would be ill! tutorials, interviews, concerts…!!!!

    4 Jacqueline Brown

    Looking forward to seeing the show tonight! Your family is adorable.

    God Bless,
    Jackie Brown

    5 lisa santos

    We will definitely be watching tonight also …

    6 Adrian

    definitly dvr that! lol!

    7 Lillian

    Already set it to DVR! Congrats Griggs family!

    8 Ceola Henderson

    I love House Hunters, Jermaine.Look forward to seeing you and the family.

    9 Linda

    I am watching the show at this moment. Congrats to you and your family. My daughter took years of piano lessons and doesnt play now even though we own a piano. I’ve always wanted to play myself but we couldn’t afford lessons when i was growing up. maybe i’ll take your lessons as the only things i know how to play i play by ear. Waiting to see what house you picked! i think i know already. :)

    10 Joy

    Just watched the show. Congratulations on your new home. Now you need a maid and a gardener. I watch this show very often, and now feel like I’ve actually known someone on it. You have been blessed with your musical abilities and talents. So proud that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy your new home.
    Joy from Georgia

    11 Marva Clemons


    I was so glad that I was able to see you and wife and family on “Househunters”. God has truly blessed you with a great talent and your “gift” has certainly made room for you and brought you before great people. I am truly happy for you especially knowing fromo where you have come and I know you give God all the glory , honor and praise. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. You have truly been a blessing to me. I just need more time to practice. I have the courses that I’ve purchased, but have been so busy working that I will h ave to make time to practice and learn from what I already have. That’s why I haven’t ordered anything else because I need to use what I have already bought. May God keep you in His care.
    Enjoy your new home.

    Evangelist Marva Clemons

    12 chris marx

    that is awesome! congrats on the new family and house!!!

    13 chris marx

    oops… ignore that weblink… totally not a real website :P

    14 Adam Powell

    Congrats Jermaine.

    Thanks for being my only music teacher. I know that God will continue to bless you and you bless others. To whom much is given, much is required. Keep up the good work and thank you and your family for all you do.

    Oh yeah, I will be catching the replay.


    Adam Powell

    15 Edwina

    Just watched the show. I’m so happy for you and so proud for you as well. Out of curiosity I wondered about your business and googled you. I just ordered your products and looked forward to having so much fun learning from them…hugs and blessings…

    16 Mary Holford

    Loved the show, Griggs family!

    17 Brenda Allen

    Hi Jermaine,

    I was pleasantly surprised to see your episode on House Hunters. I was actually dozing in front of the TV and I somehow recognized your voice as the program started.

    I truly wish you and your family all the best in your new home. Next, I’d like to see you and your beautiful wife on House Hunters International, when you purchase your next home abroad or on a Carribean island! Just a hint!

    18 Angel Burch

    Hi Jermaine:
    I just happen to catch the HGTV episode tonight. I haven’t read the news letter lately since we ourselves have been in transition. Imagine my surprise seeing you and your lovely family on the Television. I remember way back when you first started selling the DVD’s and lessons and thinking, “This kid is going to be a millionaire”, so I bought one LOL. So glad to see things have gone well for you. I just recently purchased a new Kurzwell so I will be picking up the lessons and visiting the site and watching the videos. Congrats on the success and the new home Jermaine, you really have worked hard for it (right choice on the house btw!)
    Blessings to you and yours!
    In Christ,

    19 Joshua

    I would so watch that, But I won’t for One main reason:
    I live in Australia and we don’t have HGTV (not even on Foxtel) but Godspeed for those people who are involved.

    20 Vicky

    I never heard of you before the House Hunters episode. Sometimes I don’t care for the personalities, but I really enjoyed you and your wife. Congratulations on your beautiful new home! I’ll be checking out more of your website.

    21 Kevin

    Hey Jermaine Nice home brother God bless you and your fam and hearandplay.com

    22 Barbara

    Hi Jermaine,

    I watched the show and it was GREAT! You and Sarah are a wonderful couple and your children are beautiful. Congratulations on the purchase of your amazing home. Your story is inspirational. You have taught me that by setting goals, staying focused, working hard, being generous in sharing the gift God has blessed you with, everyone can achieve their dream. Congratulations again on this wonderful milestone; your hard work has paid off.

    23 Amelia Alexander

    Dear Jermaine,
    I saw your show on House Hunters last night, and I loved you and your wonderful loving family. Before this HGTV show, I had never heard of you. So after the House Hunters show aired, I Googled you to your website, and now Im interested in purchasing your learn by ear program in the near future., because of the fact that I do have an electronic piano. Your story on House Hunters was so inspiring when you talked about how you became a self made millionaire, and I am so happy for you and your family. You are so truly blessed. You choose the right home for your family. God bless and good luck in all your future endeavors.

    24 Kenny Jackson

    Hello Jermaine, Got to see your Househunters show and you and your family are beautiful. It seems your dreams and goals have come in wonderful ways. Being a part of your hearandplay makes my wanting to keep moving forward. What I am learning from you, Jermaine, making it possible to show others what I’m learning from you and your staff in my own playing. Please keep up the good work and I hope one day we can meet and share some things together. Enjoy your new home and new office. Please say “Hello” to your family and give them my best. Kenny

    25 Clara


    I saw the house hunter’s show on HGN. I love the house you chose
    for you and your beautiful family. I would love to see the improvments
    that you and wife will make. I hope that you will share a few pictures
    of your improvements. But I really like the house that you and wife
    chose. It is awsome!

    Thank God for your blessing,

    26 Mark Cross

    Hey J., I saw the the show last night and i just wanted to say that I am so proud of you. Although we have never met, when I saw you on HGTV I had to call my wife in and say that is MY music teacher. Once again congrats on your earthly mansion and may God continue to bless you in all of your endeavors.

    27 Evan

    Hey Jermaine,

    Loved your HGTV episode. It was nice getting a peek into your family life. I bought my first house 2 years ago. I hope you & the family enjoy the new home.


    28 Nita Armstrong

    Hi there.

    I was watch HH quite daily..reruns and all- LOL! I was truly touched by your story -what great spirits you guys have! You are truly blessed–enjoy the new house, and share pics of the kitchen Sarah created , I would love to see it.. God bless..xo

    29 Ms. Pam

    Your story made me very proud of you as though you were my son. The wonderful role model you are as a husband and father is an inspiration to young men.

    30 Beth

    Looking forward to the rerun. I will keep checking this show out. I have been one of your customers since you started and I will say I am proud of you and what you have accomplished. Happy for you and your family. You are a very hard working person and very smart! God Bless! Hard work and persistence with faith in God pays off.

    31 AK

    Hey dude, watching you on HH right now, thats tight and love ur site bro. Good luck on the new house.

    32 Sharron

    Jermaine, have you and Sarah thought about creating products on how you made your millions. Like how to build a business on the internet. I’d buy because you two are real! I don’t trust the other online “Gurus” because I don’t know if they are successful or not.
    WIth you two I know because we saw you in October 2011 and during the re-run today 1/24/12. If you decide to let others know what books or things you did to build your business. Let me know. I’m old enough to be your grandmother and would like to retire ASAP.

    33 Melissa O.

    Hi Jermaine…I’m hoping you’ll see this…

    I just watched the House Hunters episode and wanted to share with you that your story moved me to tears. You and your wife have an incredible, inspirational story to tell, and I’m so happy that it was part of House Hunters. I’ve seen countless episodes of this show…and this is the first that made me cry! I wish you and your family all the best in life. Congratulations on your hard-earned success. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    34 Fabio

    You buy supper?!! Instead of coionkg/slaving away in the kitchen over a hot stove and perspiring…only to have it consumed in half the time it took to repair it? LOLOLOLMe too.My link for Ruby Tuesday is I do hope you’ll stop by to visit with me.

    35 Carol G.

    Hi Jermaine and Sarah!

    I just watched House Hunters (01/24/2012), and was very excited to see such positive role models as the both of you! I watch House Hunters almost everyday and I have never been so moved and so happy for anyone. Also, while watching, I searched online and found your music websites, HearandPlay.com and Gospelkeys.com. I am ecstatic to find both of them. I have tried for years to teach myself keyboards and singing, and now I believe that I will finally be able to do it! I love singing, especially Gospel music and I can’t wait to get started both with the Vocal and Piano lessons. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thanks for your dedication to helping others enjoy making music!

    36 T May

    Hi Jermaine and Sarah- Watched the show last night (1/24/2012). House Hunters is my all time favorite show on HGTV and it was very refreshing to see what I felt was a new twist to it. It was very inspirational hearing your story and being able to share the moment of you choosing your dream home. Congratulations and I wish you, Sarah and your family much continued Blessings. You took your past, used it for inspiration for yourself and shared your passion with others- you are a testimony that dreams do come true with commitment and dedication. Just remember, behind every successful man is a strong woman. Great job Sarah!!!! Hopefully you will share your story with today’s teens. God Bless You and good luck on baby # 4. T May/SC

    37 Joe Hardy

    Great to learn more about this awesome guy, I’m so glad to see that he makes good money doing what he loves. Best of Luck to him and his family and its probably been forever since they moved into their new house and since I saw the show, but still best of luck and I wish you all well!!!

    38 Stan Farley

    Hi, Jermaine!

    What is the manufacturer and model of the microphone you are shown using at the beginning of the program?


    Stan Farley
    Wichita, Kansas

    39 Drew D.

    Hi Jermanine & family,
    I just watched a re-run episode on HGTV tonight (3-24-12). And I must say I was so inspired by your story I had to google you. I don’t play any instruments but I think I might start someday. You have a wonderful family and story. I watch this show often and I kept saying to myself that I wish they would show more humble people on here. Your story was so motivating to me I am just dying to learn more about your success. I dream big and your story is so motivating. Keep up the good work and god bless you and your family!!!

    40 bc

    We caught the episode last night and it was wonderful. We both enjoyed your inspirational story and loved how the family interacted as well. Best wishes to each of you. The house that you chose is perfect for your growing family. All the best! BC

    41 john

    How can I find it to watch ? What is it titled so that I can look thru upcoming HGTV shows . Thanks

    42 Regina

    Saw the episode today and immediately went searching for your company online. Found it! You have a beautiful family and I wish you all the best. I will be seeking your company’s services in the future.
    Be blessed!

    43 Chris


    My wife and I watched your episode yesterday (must have been a rerun) I yelled to my wife in the other room to come and watch your family’s episode because I was really intrigued. Especially when they said you and your wife were doing so well. I love you see the success of our people. Does my heart good. You made it with years of hard work and it paid off for you to give your family a good life. Thats what its all about. I saw alot of myself in you as I have a passion in me to have my own business as well and you just motivated me to to keep pushing myself toward my goals. I watch this show often and I always try to guess the house that was chosen before they reveal it and for you I chose the first house that was move in ready. Sure it was one bedroom short of what you guys were looking for but I figured with your kids being so little 2 could maybe share a room until one went off to college or something. But then again you did say this would be you guys dream home so you want what you want and there is nothimg wrong with that. I wish you and your family continued success and blessings.



    44 CSEm

    I just watched the show, I always watch it, but you were the first family that I fell in love with. You seem like such great people and soo humble! Loved everything about it! Congratulations, you are such an inspiration!

    45 janet

    Jermaine & Sarah,

    Saw the rerun on 8/5 and loved it. You guys are so inspiring. I’ve been a viewer of House Hunters for years and have to say your show was one of the best. I would love to see HGTV do a follow-up to see all of the changes you have made to the home. Best wishes and again thank you for sharing your home search with me.

    46 Myriem

    Just another person who saw you and your lovely family on House Hunters and wanted to say congratulations on all your success and your new home! I think it’s so funny that a Google search for “sarah and jermaine” and nothing else leads right to your blog post about House Hunters :) Clearly your story and personalities touched a lot of people who have turned around to learn more. Best of luck to you all in your new home – I hope House Hunters follows up with you guys someday on a Best Of special!

    47 Eddy Pareja

    Great episode. I know it’s WAY after the original airing of this episode but my wife and I just got on an HGTV kick and pretty much watch all day, and just saw this. You have a beautiful family and have so much to be proud of. Congratulations on your all your success!

    48 Chondra Pope

    I saw you on HGTV and have never heard of you before now. Congrats to you and the wifey on the new home! I love you guys I’m gonna check out your services- GOD BLESS!

    49 Lisa

    Congratulations to you and your family! Such an inspiring story about your life! God bless you and your family! The best House Hunters thus far!

    50 Helo

    Helo tsmsg

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