• Here’s a quick and easy refresher on tertian chords

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    As you may know from past lessons, tertian chords are built on thirds.

    This is majority of the chords you’ll play since almost every common chord (like major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented, and even most altered chords) are built on thirds.

    In this post, I wanted to provide a quick refresher on some of the most common tertian chords.

    C major

    C minor

    C diminished

    C augmented

    C major 7

    C minor 7

    C dominant 7

    C# diminished 7 (my image program doesn’t do “double flats” so I’m going to put the C# diminished 7 below). Note: The C diminished 7 chord is C + Eb+ Gb + Bbb (aka – “A“)

    C half diminished 7

    C augmented major 7

    C augmented 7

    C major b5 (flat “5”)

    C minor major 7

    C dominant 7 (b5)

    Print this chart out! You may need it some day!

    Until next time —

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    1 tal

    well,im not sure if the C diminished 7 chord is like was written above .
    i know that the right chord is : C,Eb,Gb,Bbb – and you wrote : C,E,G,Bbb (i mean
    where the “note” part is above ) .


    2 Jermaine

    What i did above was C# diminished 7, not C diminished 7 since my graphic program doesn’t do double flats yet. :-)


    3 chib

    i agree with tal..
    this part “Note: The C diminished 7 chord is C + E + G + Bbb (aka – “A”)”
    should be “”Note: The C diminished 7 chord is C + Eb + Gb + Bbb (aka – “A”)”


    4 Jermaine

    You guys are right. I didn’t notice the note underneath. Corrected.


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