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    “The Famous 2-5-1 Chord Progression

    a) Dmin9 Chord (pronounced “D minor ninth chord”)

    Bass = D

    Right hand = F + A + C + E

    b) G13 chord (pronounced “G thirteenth chord“)

    Bass = G

    Right hand = F + A + C + E

    Note: This is the same chord above but since the bass is different, the chord is titled “G13” instead of “Dmin9.”

    c) Cmaj9 chord (pronounced “C major ninth chord”)

    Bass = C

    Right hand = E + G + B + D

    Now, play each chord consecutively (right after the other)…

    Dmin9 –> G13 –> Cmaj9

    *** This type of progression is commonly heard in jazz and worship music! I hope you enjoyed … see you tomorrow!

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