• Earn More As A Background Vocalist

    Learn how to earn more as a background vocalist in this lesson.

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    Free “Sight Reading 101” Video Series Now Available

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    In this post, we’re introducing the first of 9 free videos you can watch on learning to read sheet music.

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    Video: A Quick & Easy Way To Create Major 7th and Major 9th Chords

    In this video tutorial, Jonathan Powell, from the Gospel Music Training Center, shows you what he calls his “Dropstep Technique” for converting major triads into full-sounding major 7th and major 9th chords.

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    Musician Xplosion Video Trailer

    musician xplosion thumbnail

    Featuring 10 musicians covering the 10 dimensions of the church service in all 12 keys, Musician Xplosion brings you the most comprehensive gospel course ever. Check out the video trailer now!

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    From GMTC: “Praise Him In Advance”

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    This clip comes from the Gospel Music Training Center. It features the “Professor of Phatness” (Jonathan Powell) playing “Praise Him In Advance.”

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    A Drop-Dead Easy Way To Play Dominant #11 Chords

    Here’s a quick 2-minute video lesson from our Jazz Piano 201 program taught by James Wrubel.

    It’ll show you a quick and easy way to play altered dominant chords — the #11 (aka – “sharped 11th”) to be exact!

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