• Cyclical Chord Progressions: How To Apply 3-7-3 And 7-3-7 Chord Skeletons

    Want to sound jazzy? You’ll do well to learn (in this lesson) how chord skeletons can be used to approach cyclical chord progressions.

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    A Dozen Ways Of Playing A Spicier 1-4 Chord Progression That Will Turn Heads [Guaranteed]

    In today’s lesson, we’re approaching the 1-4 chord progression using a variety of music styles like classical, gospel, rock, jazz, r&b, etc.

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    Salsa Piano 101 Is Now Available!

    I’m stoked to announce that Salsa Piano 101 has officially launched today…

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    Exclusive! 16 of the world’s greatest Salsa entertainers all on 1 page…

    I’ve got something you’re really going to enjoy. And since we’re releasing Salsa Piano 101 on Wednesday, October 1, what better time to share it than now.

    I’ve scoured the internet high and low looking for some of the best salsa entertainers in the world. In fact, we have 3 volumes of these collections but I just thought I’d share one of them today…

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    Can you really mix Gospel and Latin together?

    Sure you can! And as gospel music evolves and churches continue to embrace other genres of music (to make their worship experiences more universal), you’ll see it even more!

    Martha Munizzi has already fused Gospel, Latin, and R&B styles in songs like “Glorious” and has traditional church folks everywhere singing and clapping to her rhythms!

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    Here’s a quick and easy way to solo over chord progressions

    solosmall.jpgLately, I’ve been having a good time talking about minor keys, scales, and chords! And today, I’m going to show you how to actually use one of the minor scales we’ve been talking about in real-life situations.

    Theory is great! It helps you to understand the “what” and “why” behind things. But I’m going to show you how it also allows you to systemically pick what scales to improvise with over certain progressions. It’s not guesswork. There’s actually systems behind a lot of it…

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    Discover the Secrets to Playing Salsa Piano By Ear in this 2-hour Introductory Series! (Video Clips Enclosed)

    salsacoversmall.jpgFinally… The Secret is Out! Now You Can Unlock The Power Of Professional Salsa Secrets That Are Guaranteed To Help You Spice Up Your Playing In Minutes Not Months!

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