• Back Pocket Band Update… And Real-Life Testimonial From User! (Video)

    I’m so excited to announce the first Back Pocket Band Update… over 60 professional bonus drum machine loops added to the software! (see video).

    If you’ve already invested in Back Pocket Band, simply open your software and a new folder called “Free Drum Machine Loops (Bonus)” will automatically appear. From there, you’ll see 60 new files (20 loops at 3 tempos each).

    Watch my video below for details and click here to check out Back Pocket Band (if you haven’t invested yet).

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    MidiJam: A midi player taken to the next level

    midijam midi visualizationOk, so I’m on the net and I come across this post about a free program that visualizes your midi files in a whole new way.

    You’re probably familiar with Van Basco Karaoke, which takes your midi file and displays it on a piano screen. It’s great for learning how to play any song, if there’s a midi file available for it on the net. You can even slow stuff down and transpose to any key of your choice.

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    How Guitar Hero can make you a better musician

    Ok, I know some of you are like “what the heck” but it’s true… joining your kids in playing Guitar Hero can really help your piano skills. :)

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