• Can you really mix Gospel and Latin together?

    in Salsa & Latin styles

    Sure you can! And as gospel music evolves and churches continue to embrace other genres of music (to make their worship experiences more universal), you’ll see it even more!

    Martha Munizzi has already fused Gospel, Latin, and R&B styles in songs like “Glorious” and has traditional church folks everywhere singing and clapping to her rhythms!


    If you like what you hear and want to learn how to play salsa music by ear, see below…


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    Hear and Play Salsa Piano 101: Salsa Basics

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    Salsa Piano 101 uncovers the basic rhythms and fundamentals you need to get started the right way. You’ll learn the secrets to playing the classic montuno pattern along with tons of Latin-based chords and progressions! From bass lines, chromatic walk-downs, and passing chords to clave rhythms, fill-ins, and harmonic movements, you’ll get it all in this comprehensive 2-hour course. Click here to learn more | Buy now

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