• A Lesson On Pacing Yourself

    in Self-Improvement

    So my wife, Sarah, is part of this exercising group called “Stroller Strides.”

    It’s a group of moms who workout with their young children in strollers. After researching the company, they have about 1200 franchises around the world.

    Three times a week, she meets up at the park down the street and the moms work out for about an hour doing cardio and strength training. Since Jadyn is in school and Brendan (our 3-month old) is still too young, Layla, our 1 year old, gets to enjoy the experience with just her and mommy.

    On a workout day, I’ll usually tease Sarah by saying, “How cute… you and Layla are going to get your little workout on! Don’t break a sweat!” She’ll reply, “You don’t know how hard they work us moms!”

    “Ummm… right!” I say.

    Until the monthly “Family Day” came around. This is my first time attending.

    Here I go thinking I’m going to dust everyone. “I’ll take it easy on em’ ok dear!” That was my attitude.

    So we get there last Saturday morning and after stretching and doing all that stuff, the trainer says “Ok, let’s sprint but don’t give it your all because we’re just getting started.”

    Sarah is running with Layla. I have the double stroller with Jadyn and Brendan.

    I pass one stroller… then another… then another. Before you know it, I’m only trailing one stroller.

    I touch the target, make my u-turn, and head back to the finish line thinking I’m done.

    The trainer says, “lap two.”

    “Huh? Lap two?”

    Mind you, between Jadyn, Brendan, the stroller, and my own 215 lbs, I’m probably at 275 lbs total.

    So I turn around to sprint the second lap. This one ain’t so easy.

    In fact, I’m nearly out of juice.

    That first lap running uphill took so much out of me, I hadn’t saved any juice for anything else. I tried to show out and it bit me in the rear!

    Then we took resistance bands and started doing strength exercises against the fence. I was out of it.

    Then, the trainer said to grab your strollers and head up hill through the trail to another nearby park… a mile away! (Where we live, there’s a lot of nature and like 17 parks in a 3-mile radius.)

    Everyone else is gung-ho. I’m still recovering from the first exercises.

    Here I am probably the second or third stroller… from the end!

    I finally get to the park and it’s another sprint up an even STEEPER hill.

    At this point, the trainer asks me if I want to leave my stroller with her and just run up the hill without one. Of course, my ego wouldn’t let me do that so I kept the stroller! “Ok, only go halfway up though,” she says.

    At this point, I was on my way up when Sarah and the rest of the gang were on their way DOWN! She looks at me and says, “Baby, just turn around and head back.” I went halfway and turned around to head back down.

    We rested for about 45 seconds.

    Another sprint up the same hill, this time without the strollers. 45 seconds of rest and one final sprint up and down the hill.

    Then some more strength training with the resistance bands.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention while we’re resting, we have to sing songs like “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” and “The Wheels On The Bus” to our children. So there’s no real rest.

    After some more resistance training, we run back to our original starting point, another mile! Luckily, this time it’s downhill.

    We do some pushups, some cool-down stretching, and end by letting our children play on the playground at the park we started at.

    I learned my lesson.

    Actually a few lessons.

    1) Never underestimate someone else’s efforts… in anything! You may think what they do is easy but think again before presuming.

    I once heard this comedian say: “Golf ain’t nothing. Take away the stick and you just be walkin’!” I thought that too.

    Come to find out it’s one of the hardest sports to master… yes, “SPORT!”

    2) Pace yourself! Don’t show off

    Actually, I see this a lot in music. People start off playing a song with every trick, bell, and whistle they have! By the second or third time around, they’re out of stuff to play.

    Others call this “keeping your powder dry.”

    I started off running with almost everything I had (or at least I didn’t know it was almost everything I had… I thought I’d be alright but I soon realized I had overdone it). The same goes for music.

    There is pace and balance in everything: fitness, music, reading, studying, singing, life.

    3) Quality over quantity

    Some people can stay at the gym 2-3 hours. Others get everything they need out of 30 minutes.

    With this group of mommies, they go for an hour but they go HARD!

    When you sit down to the piano, whether you have 3 hours allotted or 30 minutes, if you go HARD (meaning, you pick a focus and really go for it, without interruptions or distractions), you’ll walk away having accomplished a lot. Do it regularly and there’s no way you can’t see dramatic change in your playing.

    4) Use dead time

    Those moms don’t waste a beat. Instead of sitting around talking during the breaks (which are only a minute anyway), they use that time to sing to the kids in the strollers. The kids are being entertained not only by the running (it’s like a nice carnival ride to them) but by the singing in between and the play time at the end.

    What are you doing in the car on the way to work? On the train? While waiting in the grocery line?

    I don’t know about you but I’m listening to something informative. It may be a motivation program like Anthony Robbins… it may be a sermon by Bishop Noel Jones or T.D. Jakes, it may be a business program by Brian Tracy, or one of my own music programs. But I’m listening to something informative.

    Of course, I then have my days where I listen to music. After all, I’m a musician but I make sure to have a good balance of information in there. For you, that can be any of the aforementioned or one of our audio programs like “Piano By Ear For Starters (702)” or “Finding The Key To Any Song (705)“, etc.

    5) There are no excuses

    There were pregnant ladies ahead of me. The trainer, who owns this “Stroller Strides” franchise in our area, is pregnant. She does all the same stuff while she leads the group.

    She also switches with other trainers she brings in and I hear the one that comes on Fridays is no joke!

    A “paradigm shift” is when something so different from what you’re used to happens to cause you to change your thinking. Seeing pregnant ladies workout caused one of those for me (even though I’ve heard of Marion Jones running on treadmill at speed 7 when pregnant).

    Most of us would think that is unsafe for their unborn children right? Well, they have scientific proof that it’s not. Of course, within reason.

    Here’s another paradigm shifter. A guy with no fingers playing guitar.

    So you better believe by the next family day, I would have learned from my very first experience and will do things a bit differently. “Pace” was my biggest lesson and much needed reminder.

    Until next time –

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    Hi, I'm Jermaine Griggs, founder of this site. We teach people how to express themselves through the language of music. Just as you talk and listen freely, music can be enjoyed and played in the same way... if you know the rules of the "language!" I started this site at 17 years old in August 2000 and more than a decade later, we've helped literally millions of musicians along the way. Enjoy!


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    1 Margaret S

    How funny Jermaine. You always find a way to inspire us with your personal experiences. You have a knack for this don’t you? :-)



    2 Tony

    Griggs, great story. Enjoyed reading it.


    3 Joyce Walker

    Love that story, it is a good example for music students to learn to pace themselves and not over do what they are trying to accomplish. Enjoyed reading the story.


    4 Richard


    This is a Great lesson to share with us.It is really good to see, you as a down

    to Earth Guy. Thank you for sharing, this, A Great reminder for all of Life’s

    struggles. Dick B


    5 Richard

    Impressive I must say, life doesn’t need narrow approach and this is reflected in your story thanx a lot man, bless u


    6 benjamin akinteye

    this is really a great lesson to me


    7 Duane Lewis

    Great Story and Inspiration. Your music programs and clubs are really a blessing. May God continue to Bless you and your team and keep doing what you’re doing.


    8 Patti Yampolsky

    Thanks Jermaine…I learned this long ago, but had forgotten it. Pacing yourself, not only keeps you going in the original race, but makes you aware you can do it again…


    9 obert

    nice one Jermaine, i think i made the same mistake and this has costed me a lot of time wasting trying to keep up with the high paced peope, now i’m starting afresh with a new attitude


    10 jay


    Great message within this story you bless me and many others,
    keep up the good work.


    11 Damaris

    wow that is as funny as it is inspiring, thanks a lot Jermaine.


    12 Adrienne

    Great story! We haven’t had our fathers day class yet here in Milton (just south of Boston), but it’s coming up, and this reminds me of our class last year when many Dads showed up kind of sheepishly for their “stroll” and were left panting and sweating only half way through. My moms were all so proud that they had worked so hard and really arrived at a place of fitness…and, well, so they should be. “Fit Moms ROCK!”

    Thanks for sharing, Adrienne


    13 Tosin

    Sorry to disappoint you, Jermaine, but I couldn’t help laughing all the way down…I also learnt the lesson, though.
    Thanks again for sharing.


    14 Angelo Millan

    This was very nice Mr. Griggs. Sometimes we assume that we know better, that things will be easy, that we got it all in stride…and come the day of the event…we see see all that we didnt see or expect to see or happen. Being the wiser and being prepared and informed is always a great thing! Do all you can, but like in cooking…dont over do it! In keyboard… play all you can, learn all u can, but dont over stuff oneself for brain cramps do exsist!!! Focus and preparedness is always key Sir… I am always and still trying this one-on for size!!! Thanks for opening my brain to a reality moment Mr. Griggs!!!


    15 ruth

    Reading accounts like this one from your daily life and family make them relatable and the points and lessons drawn stick better. Thank you for sharing these.


    16 tariq

    that was a very nice story with a valuable lesson…


    17 Novella Elliott

    Just want to take time to thank you for your help, Very greatful for everything. THANK YOU!


    18 LuvLuv

    I luv this story it’s too funny! But it reminded me to continue to stay grounded!


    19 toni terry

    HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! Funny but so like me, just wanted you to know I do pay attention to your videos, I download them so It seems as if i’m not paying attention, but I really am . Thank you, God Bless you and your family!


    20 ALLAN

    Hi Jermaine,wow, i get off work earlier on fridays
    and i read tru your students questions,and bro was
    i taken back by your answers,no let me refrace that
    speechless is more like it.i learned such a lot in like
    from 3oclock when i looked at the time again it was
    5oclock.I MUST THANK U AGAIN.and this time im
    putting my keyboard in front of my PC.god bless
    you my bro.


    21 lynelle wallace

    thanks Jermaine I will try harder. but i cant stop people from dieing , I had to fly to sydney for brotherlaws funeral this week, or my horse a few weeks ago or my dog afew months before that just to name a few, I had Breast cancer recently and had surgery and when these things happen it is hard to focus on any thing, just trying to cope and get through . The doctors say now my dad is dieing so, be alright if the shit stops happening, I would rather only happen focus on my music, I m also trying focusing on my songs I have writen , practising them and trying to work out the notes I have in my head and putting them to paper.


    22 Jermaine Griggs

    Lynelle, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear of this pattern of unfortunate events. I pray for the strength of you and your family.

    For you, music could be even more important during these times. You don’t have to focus on learning new theory or stuff like that because your mind may be elsewhere. But you can take the chords you do know and form songs and tributes. We’ve all heard that music is therapeutic. Imagine your own music? Just let it all out. Play a few chords and sing in remembrance about those loved ones. You’d be surprised what it can do.



    23 Annette

    Thanks Jermaine,

    I have a had a problem improvising. I realize that after the first phase, there is and after. I notice that the song began to drag. I learning to take my time. Learn from others pass and present.


    24 junior

    Good motivational talk. Indeed, there are no excuses


    25 Jesse

    Thanks Jermaine for sharing this open candid story. Some great tips that I can certainly relate to! I find it hard to pace myself, at least in music, but as you said – “Slow and steady wins the race”.

    All the best.


    26 Alongwayback

    I can truly say, that this story of personal learning is a great inspiration to me, as it defines clearly what I have been pushing myself to remember, especially when it comes to the instruments I can play without any harness, to “Pace” myself, when I was much younger, I always thought I had to get it all out there to keep the crowd’s attention, it took an older gentleman to slow me down by making sure to keep coming back to me within each tune until everything, every trick, I had ever learned had been done to redundancy, I later asked him why he kept putting me on the spot like that? His reply opened my eyes and ears up wide, “To make you learn the hard way, only give em’ a little at a time, “Pace it out”, so you have something new for them later, that’s how you keep their attention, otherwise, they will get bored with you and walk away, did you see how many people left”? That hit me like a ton of bricks, and this story reminded me of that very conversation so long ago. Now, as I move to master the keys, I am reminded today by a very moving story about the lessons learned and the benefits derived from “Pacing things out” with balance, as this is the true key to learning anything properly, and applying this lesson upon all things in a person’s life, will truly yield a bountiful life, rich with experience from lessons learned, some the hard way, and some such as this, the easy way, by listening to those who have already learned the lessons the hard way, thank you Jermaine…:)


    27 james wynn

    jermaine!!!! thanks for the double dose of inspiration! before i checked out your article i was just listening to tony robbins too!!!. loved your article ib regards to pacing ourselves and underestimating efforts. after all we are as tony says ” a product of our rituals.


    28 Phyllis Hicks

    I never commented before, but this deserves one. ”LAUGHERS CATCH IT”. I agree with the comment that you always find a way to keep us encouraged. Thanks for this lesson on pacing your self.


    29 Nevenka

    Thank you for this story and inspiration. Next to it , I really have fun, laugh and I something learned .

    Have a nice time :))
    Greetings fom Slovenia


    30 Kishor

    Hello Mr. Jermaine,

    This is a Great lesson to share with us. It is really good to see, you as a down
    to Earth Guy. Thank you for sharing, this, A Great reminder for all of Life’s


    31 Erich Menig

    I like the story and the lessons learned, especially the use of “dead time”. Thanks for sharing this with us.



    32 Andre' Clark

    Love the lessons I received, the trouble I experience is I can hear the notes and find the key of the song, but my patience in learning is rather short fuses because I want to play the song right off the bat. The funnies thing is I can play whatever someone lay down for me and sound like I am well experienced…..lol



    33 Francis Abiodun Fasesin

    Thanks Jermaine for sharing this experience. It is pleasing to know that you can learn from everyday stuff around you.


    34 CharlotteC.

    Hi Mr. Griggs
    Thank you for another inspiring story.


    35 Emilia

    Hilarious! Entertaining lesson in life. I loved the way you told it. Thankyou for your honesty & sharing your family activities which relates to all that you/we do in our lives. Even an explanation of “Paradigm Shift”. Wonderful!


    36 Ronny JP

    thank you Germaine..
    You know that I dont stop your lesson. Every workday I listen your lesson the cds that I transfer to my handphone..
    So instead of taking bus, I walk for 25 minutes to reach office. morning and afternoon.
    My type of learning is listening (as i told you before that I dont want to stick with the computer to learn your software)..
    I know your lesson so valuable that I will not leave..


    37 jayagopi jagadeesan

    Jermaine, that was hilarious buddy.
    Thanks for sharing.
    You are a little bit wiser now, aren’t ya :)


    38 C.L. Wright

    The sign of a great teacher is the ability to make anything a teachable moment. Jermaine, you have that gift. Thanks for the insight. My piano achieving hill is about as steep as the hill you climbed with your baby’s stroller, and I’m determined to succeed. Once again, thank you for the lesson.

    C.L. Wright


    39 bishop

    wow that was great thanks, just love the way u told it
    mmmm books are made to read and not the out side cover of the book


    40 Tamara Adams

    You never fail to inspire me to keep on keeping on. I have learned lessons like that too. Unfortunately, like you, I had to learn the hard way, but as long as you LEARN from it, it’s okay.


    41 Gordon Mitchum

    Thanks Jermaine, this was a great lesson for me & others. God Bless you & your family.


    42 Joshua

    Amen. Wow. Americs really trys to workout a lot even with babies…I’m not sure what this has to do with playing instruments but it has a really good moral and story


    43 Jermaine Griggs

    Pace. Read it all.


    44 Daniel

    Brother Jermaine what you are doing to me is more than what a teacher can teach.What you are doing to me,it just you puting motor oil inn it,I pray that the fruits of what you are doing to me,you know it soon.Keep on going by puting me on the good track,thanks and God bless you.


    45 Brigit

    Oh wow,how awesome!!! Wonderful story with a good points to focus on. Thank you for sharing.


    46 keith hassel

    I understand very well. I’ve learne this early but still wanting to have the most fun i still look for ways to do something new. improv I’ve learn still has a skill to it.



    47 Jason

    Thanks for the great story and advice. I’ll be working on applying it. Bit of a juggling act the last couple months with my dad fading. He passed on this morning so will have a lot to tend to for the next week but this comes at a good time for the playing and the overall situation. Keep up the teaching, I’m putting it all to good use and really apreciate it. Jason


    48 Jerome Goudy Sr

    Mr Griggs, I have been playing keyboards for a while and I have even Played for professional artist all from playing three notes and it took me around the world.Only because I played what the artist wanted me to play. I know about numbers and chords. but I am finding it hard to apply them nvr had anyone to tll me wrong articulation I am disabled now and have nothing but time on my hand I want to order your course but being disabled after I pay my bills I am busted. I go to Baptist churches just to listen to the piano player and the patterns that they play. I have always played what other people wanted me to play. Now i want to know what and how do I get there. I play everything on your video. but seem as if I am still lost. God spoke to me as I was reading your article and he showed me about pacing I have achive everything I wanted in life everything I wanted But what I want most I am finding it hard and that is playing th piano like I want to without wondering am I playing the right thing. Thanks for you time Didn’t mean to take up too much of your time. I just thank God to have someone to talk to I wish I had known about you when I first start playing You are a Godsend. and I am telling you what God lovs and that is the truth
    Sincrely yours
    Jerome Goudy Sr


    49 chima

    thanks for the inspiring thought


    50 Nito

    Jermaine: thanks for your funny, usefull and inspiring story!


    51 James

    Jermaine, what an awesome lesson that can be used in all walks of life. It was funny, entertaining, and educational. I want to incorporate this lesson with my music lessons. My daughter is getting married September 24th. The wedding is going to take place in Barbados. I want to sing, with piano accompaniment, this song titled “A Song For My Daughter” by Ray Allaire. Hopefully this lesson will get me closer to what I am attempting to accomplish. Pray for me.


    52 Maria Teresa A. Magcamit


    I praise and thank our Lord for using you as His instrument as you relentlessly shares your knowledge as well as your personal and practical experiences to us.
    God bless you and your loved-ones always!



    53 Advait Bhide

    Good tip. Thanks a ton !


    54 Ani

    Thanks a lot J, good one!


    55 Ogwuche

    The story… The lessons… What hit me the most is having it balanced up there; being informed not only in a single career.


    56 Viani

    Thanks Jermaine.
    I have been in a similar situation, though a little different. Yours is funny, but awesome and very inspiring! Especially the lessons that you have learned. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    57 Jerry Johnson

    thanks Jermaine

    that was very inspiring, it makes you want to get up and do something for yourself
    and stop putting off things. I enjoy your program very much. You takes a lot of time to explain and show us what to do, and to keep striving to accomplish our goal with the music and tapes, and video. I play by ear and you have helped me a lot .

    thank you again

    Mrs. Jerry Dean Johnson


    58 Jerry Johnson

    Hi Jermaine

    keep up the good work. God bless you, for you are helping so many musicians.
    I”m so glad I can across your website. I have a lot of your material. I”m up to some 201, 300 hundred courses in gospel keys and some Jazz courses . I”ll keep listening so I can keep learning.,

    thanks again


    59 duke

    Can u plz help me? I lost my password and ever since I haven’t been able to log in. All I get is general mails bt can’t log in. My name is DUKE HENSHAW. Thank u so much. Hope to hear frm u soon.


    60 Pam

    Thanks Jermaine for sharing this story, and for ALL the encouragement. There is this saying with meaning behind each letter, I don’t know who came up with it but it is true if we apply it: P.U.S.H. – -Pray, Until, Something, Happens
    I came up with one to help me on my piano playing journey ( behind the other one of course) and it’s:
    Practice, Until, Something, Happens.
    I am looking forward to being able to master the piano one day (soon :-), with the help of the Almighty and him using you as an instrument to help me reach that goal.

    May Yahweh continue to bless you, your family & your business



    61 Eresmas from Kenya

    Hey JG, I like this lesson man. I think i would have done quite well on that family day. Pacing is very important. It’s like hiding your tricks and unleashing them one by one as you progress. I am a choir director and trainer and sometimes i just pick a popular song, then i change a few things. As we start singing, we sing it ‘badly’ till it people don’t recognise it. But as we go ahead, it starts to get beautiful and by the time people discover it is the song they know, we are at the middle of it. In the end, they get to like it so much. Just add the tricks one by one, it will save the energy.
    God bless you man.


    62 Jazmyne

    Great story, I have also learned a lesson similiar to yours;but it was with my dad.
    Like everyone says daddy knows best.


    63 Elder Louis E. Houston Sr

    I like that story, becasue It reminds me when I was stationed in Hawaii in the 80d’s and I was a Team Leader, of a squad and one of my members would you belive was Terry Morrow (ICE-TEE) and I told him that were, not at the top of the hill, (Kole. Kole Pass) and It winded all the way to the top of the hill, and It was about 3 miles, up and three miles down, and when we got to the top of the hill terry ask me: “Hey Serge were any trucks, comming to pick us up”, I told him only when all of the platton gets to the bottom of the hill.


    64 Kenya Duckworth

    Mr. Griggs, i`m sorry you said not to laugh but i couldn`t help myself! i really enjoyed the story and so much of what you said, has a lot to do with piano playing , sports, and just life in general……..Just pace yourself and the results will be out of this world. You know sometimes we need encouragement; ENCOURAGEMENT is very powerful if used in the right way! You just encouraged all of us, your viewers with that story, and i just want to thankyou and encourage you to keep on keepin on!


    65 tonie linson

    I really enjoyed your story and no, I did not laugh but I must admit it was really funny. I understood the points you were making. I do listen to your audio cds, I do try to put into practice what you say but I do it in a hurry and most of all I do not PACE myself. I am a church musician and want to be able to show my churces that I can and have improved my playing. I now know that patience, much practice, and most of all pace myself I will see stark improvement . Thanks for having me alone on this musical journey.


    66 pisha4

    this so true n educative…….keep it up germaine


    67 ingrid arneaud

    Thanks Germaine.
    Great encouragement to continue the musical journey.


    68 Rexzel

    Hi Jermaine! The story you wrote was really something. Thanks for sharing with us the things you have learned from that experience. :D


    69 Ella

    Thanks Jermaine,
    You are very inspiring and it is truly appreciated.


    70 Cornell



    71 Xixi

    Thanks, Jermaine. I have a hard time being patient with myself. When I learn something, I want to get it right away. You are right, pacing and having quality over quantity is more important!


    72 micky

    yea, been there, done that. As a drummer of now 60 years of age, I sat in on a jam the other night, and gave it realy big, at the end, I could not get my breath, yet the night before, I played covers for two hours on stage, No Problem. So yes I know what you mean, PACE YOURSELF…………Micky Corfu.


    73 Dennis

    Thanks Jermaine for the inspiring story. Sometimes we demand immediate results from whatever activity we do. I think I need to be patient with myself too as I lern music in particular. God bless.


    74 Tommy JoAnn Bowers

    Jermaine, what a blessing you are !
    More than your musical ability and neat personality. The fact that you express so many christian thoughts and ideas.
    I am very familiar with T.D.Jakes and it pleases me that you listen to him.
    I still have not had the opportunity to go shopping for a keyboard, but I am going to make it soon.
    I just read you email about your exercises , hilarious!! I used to be very much involved in exercise, during my youth. But now at my age ,plus physical disabilties I have to watch myself and not over due it.
    Your example is a good lesson to remember when I can get into practiceing the keyboard. I have a habit of overdoing something when I first start out and then I am burned out.
    God Bless you for your blessings .



    75 Jacob

    This was a very interesting story. It taught a lesson. You keep the pace, practice your music everyday, don’t give up and stay focus and success is granted to you. I say to you keep up the good work. Jacob


    76 David Chura

    You point out a very good piece of advice.
    Only he who persists will succeed whether you are fast or slow.
    Humility comes before humbleness.


    77 Ray Lewis

    There is a lost of informationa in that story to those who have and ear to hear it.


    78 rick

    Wise words, doc…


    79 Mariann

    I find you unique and amazing. I am one of your students that have started out with all the free lessons, etc. And yes, I printed everything and make the flash cards. But what surprises me are the emails telling me to get on with it. :) It is nice to be accountable to somebody when it comes to this. I am very early in the second century of my life, I tend to get distracted with work and other responsibilities, and you remind me to take time out for me.
    The stories you post for us are amusing and enlightening. So tell me besides the Lord how did you get so smart at such a young age. I would think that your family most have a lot to do with that when you were growing up.
    I wish you and your family all the blessings that a man can have.


    80 Jermaine Griggs

    Hi Mariann,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Between mom and grandma, they really imparted all the skills I use today!

    Learned to play on grandma’s upright won a decade earlier off “The Price Is Right.” She also taught me how to speak at age 4 reading scriptures out of the bible. Mom introduced me to the computer at 7 (ms dos, word perfect, page maker, the old school stuff) and taught me to type 80 wpm by 9 years old. They also supported my business endeavors taking me around to sell items from my “kids club” product catalog. Later, I called the avon number, and guess what? They joined right behind me selling avon products (of all things) at age 12! Fast forward, what I do today combines all those traits/skills/qualities I acquired before age 12.

    Thanks for picking up on it and giving me an opportunity to expound more on this! Maybe I’ll make this into a full post! :-)

    Keep up the great work Mariann.


    81 Mariann

    Work full time as a Director of Operations and Finance of a construction company AND I SELL AVON :) that is so funny.

    I do think that you should make your story a full post. I think the details of your life are very interesting.

    I have never done anything like this before, I am very cautious of “free offers”. I did a lot of research on you before joining. I could not find any complaints about you or your site.

    Now I realize that it is because you walk in the light of our Lord, not just talk the talk.


    82 Dee Warren

    Thank you Jermaine for sharing one of your personal life defining moments.
    It was both uplifting and inspiring for me. I will cherish and use it as a spiritual tool in my own life. I don’t believe in luck, or coincidence; I believe in the Spirit and power of Almighty God. And knowing that our paths have crossed for His divine purpose, I am truly blessed and grateful. Love ya!!!


    83 Kerry Roberts

    Jermaine, God Has Bless You, Because Gave So Many People, The Gift Of Music, You Have A Beatiful Family , Let Me Tell You A Little About Me,I Follow Tony Robbins WE Are The Same Age, And When I Was Your AGe Back In The”80″ I Use To Think How Good It Would Be If Someone Had Piano Or Organ Inst On Video Back Then People Who Could Play Will Not Show You Any Thing, Like Magic Secerts, Unless You Pay $30.00 Dollards An Hour And You Still Did’t Therer Best STuff,But You Show So Much For Free,I Wish All Gangbangers Would Learm How Music smooth The Savage Soul, Keep Up The Good Fight. Your Friend Kerry P.S. Would Love To Meet You One Day And Jam Some Music.


    84 twaea

    thanx Jermaine, I like those lessons you send me, wow amazing…. I still focus on practicing… I don’t know where to stop ….ahahah… please dont give up on me…

    like Ive said, I am from Fiji….


    85 Mdu

    Mr Griggs
    Thank you sir for a powerfull lesson, may God bless you.


    86 Thembani

    Great story you have there, we often times undermine what our counterparts do till we are caught in between with a wild shock after realizing we are not smarter than them afterall!


    87 Banele

    That’s a Hot one Mr Grigs.
    You’re the best Music teacher, uknow!
    I salute you Sir!


    88 walshak philemon

    I am enjoying your piano training lessons each day. this is a great story, i enjoyed reading it. it kind of humbles one and gives one a more straight way of thinking, instead of puffing up. well done


    89 benny

    errhmm, Jermaine, thanks for that story, but then, your videos load too slowly, thats why i cant cover all lessons..


    90 emudiaga

    funny enough is d story, but the clearity of its lesson is beyond any reasonable confusion. Though there are other good online piano teachers, but your teaching pattern is indeed outstanding. Ride on the good work.


    91 Samantha

    Wow This was pretty amazing! I liked the fact that you always try to keep our mind on what we like to do. & you don’t only encourage us to continue learning how to play piano, but also you encourage us to never give up on the things we like or we’d like to achieve. Very nice article!! :)


    92 Cristina Afonso

    Hey Mr. Jermain, Excellent article! You are such a great instructor and also great on motivating your students. God bless, keep helping people just the way you do. Chris


    93 Max

    Thats really a lesson for me . Keep inspiring us .


    94 pauline

    May God bless you because you have really been a blessing to me and to others may God continue to use you spiritually, mentally, and physically. I personally want to say thank you and may God continually bless you.


    95 Ruth Moe

    I work daily at an office doing voluntary work. I’m a Minister with responsibilities at church am also studying via teleconferencing,am assisting and advising with school work, but yet would like to learn to play the piano by ear, also to play the guitar and the alto sax.
    Thank you and as my late mum would say “experience is the school of life”.


    96 chyke

    nyc one…….thx and God bless you


    97 sue liing

    hi Jermaine thanks for that and i did laugh at you. it was funny. It was quite inspiring and i have a gained a lot from that.
    Do you have a real cheap keyboard to sell me . one you not using.I have not been playing cause the one i have just wont work. the details are too much so if you can help i will appreciate it. Thank you.


    98 Khaya

    Lol! Thanx for sharing with us ur story J…


    99 RONALD

    Funny story but very educative. I am truly inspired. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Thanks Jermaine.


    100 Olugbenga Oshikoya

    Thanks Jermaine,

    That’s a great story! It is very educative and inspiring. Anyway I just started my own piano lesson using the tips from hear and play.com. I still dont have stuff to show for now but I am sure I will sometimes later. Thanks, I have learnt not to show off everything in round one. May the Lord continue to bless the works of your hands.



    101 Alex Acvedo

    I am 76 yo It’s no use


    102 Jermaine Griggs

    Alex, age is no excuse.

    “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”
    George Washington Carver


    103 val

    Hello Jermaine

    Am inspired. Thanks a lot.


    104 Jim Martin

    Thanks for sharing your stories, we enjoy them and they help us realize we’re all at different levels but the main thing is to stay with it and have fun with it. Since I am retired and taking up the keyboard later in life, I can tell you that “Old Dogs Do Like New Tricks” and your lessons have made my journey more interesting, more fun, and I am making more progress with this than any other method I have tried. They also say the more that we seniors exercise our brain, the better, so your program has me back in the game. Thanks for everything, Jim M.


    105 anyka

    Humm! Story is great. wish we had those kind of stuff in trinidad. I understand the story too. thanks for sharing.


    106 eric martina

    Thank you Jermain, it was a very inspiring lesson and you have learn us a very good lesson. When you do something, do it good, train hard to reach your goals.

    Do your best to make results.
    Thank you Jermain God bless you and your family, all the best.

    Eric Martina


    107 Michelle

    I am inspired. We really do take the ones we love for granted not realizing how their role isn’t easy and how important they are in our lives. Thank you for sharing that experience with us and may the good Lord continue to bless you and your crew for the wonderful job.


    108 albert newton

    hey jermaine that was very inspiring good going


    109 Jacqui

    That’s cool, Germaine. It’s called “being present!” Whether a musical instrument or running up or down a hill.


    110 Karan

    Think I’d prefer 3 hours of gruelling piano drills instead of 3 hours of physical fitness…but I do get the picture…comparison is another issue…everyone learns at different paces…everyone plays at different speeds. Most advanced musicians forget this when they sneer at the efforts of others. Thank you for your understanding.


    111 ali

    this sounds so much like, I’m always in a hurry, I hope I learn from it, thanks mr. Griggs


    112 Emmanuelken

    Thanks so much for that lesson and am humbled
    God bless you so much…


    113 kelogs

    well you said don’t laugh, but just so you know a lil more about your student Mr Griggs, Kelogs is easily tickled…so yes hahaha. I did laugh at the 2nd lap part and the steeper hill…i absolutely love the story, very good moral and golf is one of my favorite sports..soo i totally understand what you felt…but its nice the way you use simple events in your life to teach simple but profound lessons that the average human might have overlooked. I do appreciate it. Thanks a mil Germaine. God sent.


    114 Mike Ross

    Oh ya Jermaine there is a lesson in just about everything life is so exciting if someone has time to be bored then they are not on the same train I’m riding this was a sweet story and I commend you for taking the time to smell the roses I missed doing that enough when I was your age friend, what a true Blessing You and Your Family are I’m sure the Lord smiles over his choosing You to walk beside Him !


    115 Dave Clarke

    Thanks for sharing such truths. We must keep it real from day one.


    116 Patricia

    Hi Jermaine,
    Thanks for the article. A good story and motivation too.
    You are so right about taking things in one’s pace. We all know, or should do, what and how much we can attempt to do.
    I also want to thank you for all your help in making the “theory” part of music so understandable. With your approach one learns and understands theory without even realising it. Thanks again


    117 Samuel

    Hi Jermaine, tanx 4 sharing this. Really instructive…am adding ds to my wisdom archive. Pacing out applies to me also in following ur lessons. Started out real fast, always in a hurry 2get d videos, but with time, couldn’t keep up with my own pace. So I see its best 2 slow things down…better slow n steady.
    Thanks 4d lessons…u r a real blessing 2 all of us (ur students), may God bless u d more , u r touching lives all around d world (I guess u shd know dat already…still hav 2 say it though). THANX


    118 Anesta

    I did enjoy the humor in your story as I imagine you from beginning to end. But I’m laughing with you not at you. At the pace your emails were coming at me I was feeling bad that I was so far behind but I’m glad that you’re not thinking the slower members are all keep back. Thanks for the inspiration


    119 Sonia

    Thanks for sharing the story, quite funny, but a great lesson to learn in life though!


    120 David

    Hi Jermaine, a heartening piece of reflection! Sometime in my daily life, I treat things too simple and face the same consequence. Thank you for the advice!


    121 Rubin

    Jermaine, these are great testimonies. Keep up the good work. As these lesson continue it is amazing the things you share I have experienced. but they serve as a reminder.


    122 Geraldine

    Thanks for sharing Jermaine!

    These are great lessons to always keep in mind. Every moment in life is an opportunity for learning. I am ready to learn.


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    As always, very relevant,spot on,your stories always makes you see gaps, that can be filled.thank you very much.


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    125 laureen



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    u learn from everything…….I luv your style


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    128 Hayato

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    How intersting experience !
    That applies to exercising instruments.


    129 ROBERT


    I think it’s human nature for all of us to underestimate other people’s efforts and
    overestimate our own. I enjoyed this very much.


    130 Mary

    Thank you for sharing, Jermaine! I am inspired and motivated by this. God bless you!



    131 Lucky Augustine

    Very Interesting and inspiring


    132 Luther

    I had an experience similar Jermaine in basic training at fort Jackson S.C. I was running behind a guy that was a slow runner because of his over weight I was thin I dropped out of formation and passed him like lighting but one of the Sargent’s saw me and called me out of my Hurry and had a good talk to never get out of line again and drug me back to the company . I learned to stay in place and pace my self to run with everybody else . I learned that out running someone was not the smart way to be unless you won’t to run in trouble down the road. So I don’t to run too fast.


    133 Luther

    So I learned not to rush into things


    134 Shirley Ballard

    Sooooo Inspiring!!!!!!


    135 Juanita

    LOL. That was in the beginning, then you came in with such inspirational words for us. Thanks.


    136 Morris Starrs

    You have remarked very interesting points ! ps nice website . “Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.” by Yassir Arafat.


    137 German

    No extra words needed, just I am surprised with the lot of comments! please keep your feet on ground because with so many great comments your ego could go too high and you are what YOU are not what WE the others push you to be. keep your great attitude and maintain your friendly willing to help up HI !


    138 Marcus B

    Yeah Jermaine, Experience is a true teacher, looking is totally different from seeing. Very good and hilarious story!!


    139 dana mclemore


    hi jermaine i play a bass guitar. do you have anything for a bass guitar player.
    i hope you do.

    thanks dana mclemore


    140 Zalisile

    Very inspirering story Jermaine,you just gave me an insight_now i know what to do and how i should practice using the right pace,thanks.


    141 Shirley James

    Thank you very much for the valuable information.
    The story of the Stroller Sliders was very good and
    It is totally awesome how you connect to
    your student with such concern.
    Encouraging and inspiring to go to a higher
    level in music.
    Thank you!!
    Shirley James


    142 Augustine

    Thank you very much Jermaine.This has inspired me a lot ..God bless u for ur service to humanity through ds medium. I have dat push now so I need to stay focused. wow I appreciate this


    143 tosin

    your story is somewhat set the pace for making accent on quality rather than quantity.


    144 Carmela zaionit

    I love your lessons, and I follow it over and over again.

    Great job



    145 Marie

    So inspiring!! Love your story is so Funny.Thanks for sharing, God bless you always…


    146 Bright Daniel

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    147 Jonathan Kore

    …..thank you Jermaine
    ……..Awesome is all i can say


    148 theodore breach

    Wow! Thank you Jermaine. This story makes a lot of sense to me and now I can start incorporating this into my playing. You are right, I’ve noticed that I run out of chord voicing and runs fast and I wind up repeating what I’ve done.


    149 Themba

    Very inspiring…..in a pleasant way


    150 nonso

    thank you for the reality check, I’m very guilty of not pacing. May the good LORD keep you and your family rapturable and blessed in JESUS name. Amen


    151 nonso

    keep hearing and playing…for JESUS
    have it at the back of your mind that HE’s coming real soon


    152 Peter

    Thanx for that story its full of advice


    153 Chibuzo Onuoha

    Funny!!!!!! But it is really educating…… Infact i learnt good lesson from it.

    Keep it up sir!!!!
    God bless you.


    154 Nana Fynn

    I’m blessed i’ve gotten this site


    155 Gillian Bailey

    Hi there Jermaine
    Besides playing the piano and being a good teacher, you could write a book with your writing skills (you probably have I just don’t know)., You have an interesting life


    156 Valerina

    Thanks Jermaine for sharing. Life is about sharing and inspiring others. You have convinced me to continue with my passion the piano


    157 Charles Lattimore

    Germaine, I just watched the lesson on patterns. I’m still catching up , but everything is coming together. I have been singing and writing songs the hard way a long time , 15 t0 20 years, I have close to 100. This was for fun. I am now realizing I have been doing things that I did not understand, but now at a faster rate, and understanding what I’m doing much better. THANK YOU AND IM CONTINUING WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God blessed you and your blessing me! For real!!!!!!


    158 Emeka Nwoke

    Men! This is really so funny! But then, it’s also inspiring and motivating. You know, Griggs, I’m just speechless, but if I should describe you in one word…Genius! Honestly, you might not know but, you’re positively touching and changing lives. Thank you!


    159 Promise

    …when you think you stand, take heed lest you fall… a quote from the Bible that keeps me on check over whatever I may think I do right. When you think you know or can do all, there by taking someone else’s effort for granted, beware. Sir Griggs I see no reason why I should make jest of you as you begged earlier and I want to add that anyone who makes jest of it is not wise at all and those not require to be seen around this site. I’ve taking the free lessons you dished out via this article. Thank you sir. I’m very very grateful…God bless you.


    160 Lee


    You are so funny! I admire your strength and your passion. Thanks for inspiring me to push harder. I admit that I am a bit slow but I will make the determination to win win the fight.

    What ever your are doing keep it up




    161 Nolwandle

    Hi Jermaine.

    I am so sorry but I’m just gonna have to agree with Tosin when he says he laughed all the way down. Before I read this article you said not to laugh at you. But I just couldn’t help it. That will teach never to undermine your wife (aka your treasure. If you know what I mean). Anywho, that article was and to me still is a lot inspirational. I love the way you told it.

    Ps. Hey you should consider joining your everyday she goes to her trainings though ;-). Just saying LOL


    162 Barry

    Great story Gregg, it’s going to help


    163 Rose

    Great stroller story. God bless you for freely sharing your gift of music with others.


    164 Wendell Hicls

    That was classic! Thanks for sharing. I will do better in running and playing now.


    165 shanda

    nice story


    166 Loxton

    Hey that’s remind me to appreciate everyone and never judge the book by the cover you never no what someone is going through until you get to know them


    167 Marc

    a healthy balance and a steady pace is the key


    168 Paula E. Ruth

    I alway’s say never under-estimate or over-estimate just of observed first, Don’t just look at my body and think I skinny or fat. I’m five feet six and half inches tall at 177-178 pounds. I say I have a slim frame I just need to control belly fat because of diabeties. I LOVE to dress nicely. Clothes are hard to find because of my long arms and legs. to me I have a BIG stomach I try to hide and mostly no one can tell. My personal trainer says scare tissue won’t go away with exercise. May it is and maybe isn’t. I want it to flat. I LOVED your story it made my think about Me and balance in my life. GOD has a plan for me.


    169 Paula E. Ruth

    I exercise and execise and my mid-section never goes away. On that there not I hope with practice and practice I will see improvment. My piano teacher Mrs. Straw and my mother use to say practice makes perfect. I have grown up from that saying “That practice makes improvement. Practice a little everyday. My Pastor who purchased my keys and it’s a Casio 1630 says to turn on and hit a keys and do devotions everyday.

    I have some questions about my keyboard maybe I could google it but the question is why when I key certain chord it sounds like more the then the three keys that are being played with the right treblelclef and can I turn it off it’s a lot of sounds, or it’s good to keep it like that?


    170 arcenio martinez

    This is my first time ever sending a email, I love your lessons, already in a short time I have learned, I hear those big chords and I know some big chords, just don’t know how to put it altogether, I think your going around the circle, any way Godbless you I will continue to learn


    171 Latisha

    Amusing life story experience! Adorable family pic also.


    172 Martin

    I Love this.


    173 Unathi

    I personally thank God for bringing you my life


    174 Charmaine Flores

    Thanks so much for this Jermaine!
    I was getting very frustrated with myself because I’m still trying to learn my inversions and scales in every key… because I wanted to have those down before I move to chords… I’m also a wife with 3 jobs so it’s hard to practice as much as I’d like to. I actually had 4 jobs and I let one go. Thanks for investing in us! I’m so glad you decided to open this world of learning!!!!


    175 William “The Exon” Ebenezer

    Cool! It’s nice to hear something else for a change


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