• The Art Of Polychords

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    If you’ve ever wondered how master musicians execute and remember large, extended chord voicings, understanding polychords will be especially helpful for you. A polychord is simply a big chord made up of smaller ones. For example, C minor 11 is: By all means, this would be considered a “big” chord. But do you really have to […]

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    Week 1: The Polychord Voicing Technique

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    If you’re interested in learning the polychord voicing technique and how it can be applied in chord progressions and songs, then this lesson is for you.

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    These Altered Dominant Chord Voicings Will Revolutionize Your Playing

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    Take your playing to the next level using these altered dominant chord voicings.

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    Triads vs Seventh Chords

    triads vs seventh chords

    In this post, we’ll be looking at triads vs seventh chords, side-by-side, and revealing the distinct features of each of them.

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    Eleventh Day Of Christmas: Eleven Left Hand Voicings

    left hand voicings

    In this lesson, we’ll explore eleven rootless left hand voicings you can start applying on major, minor, dominant, and altered chords.

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    Tenth Day Of Christmas: Ten Altered Chord Voicings

    altered chord voicings

    In this lesson, we explore ten altered chord voicings using the dominant seventh chord.

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    Yesterday’s Dissonance, Today’s Consonance

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    In tonal music, there are two classes of intervals – dissonant and consonant intervals. In this article, we’ll focus on the evolution in music and its effect on dissonant intervals.

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