• 25 Gospel Artists Are Lying?

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    Quick question for you…What do all these famous gospel artists have in common?

    *Donnie McClurkin
    *Mary Mary
    *Bishop T.D. Jakes
    *Beverly Crawford
    *Judith McAllister
    *Kim Burrell
    *Kurt Carr
    *Renee Spearman
    *Norman Hutchins
    *Alaska Mass Choir
    *Karen Clark-Sheard
    *Dorinda Clark-Cole
    *Twinkie Clark
    *Marvin Sapp
    *Juanita Bynum
    *Bishop Noel Jones
    *Soul Seekers
    *Smokie Norful
    *Denetria Champ
    *Doc Powell
    *Olivia Williams
    *Eddie Baltrip
    *Bishop Paul Morton
    *And many more…

    They’ve all worked with Michael Bereal, who is the acclaimed instructor on our upcoming course, “GospelKeys Master Class” Volume 1!

    (There’s many more and they all can’t be wrong! There’s just something about Mike that keeps them coming back to work with him and you’ll see why on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 8am Pacific).

    Yes, that’s right! This course releases in exactly 16 days from now! Mark it on your calendars because I will be doing something CRAZY to celebrate the release of this highly anticipated course.

    Never in history have we had someone of his caliber on dvd and I’m doing something very special to launch this one (TRUST ME)!

    For now, check out the 6 video clips we’ve posted of him at https://www.hearandplay.com/masterclass1

    (Soon, I will be posting some instructional clips and lessons of him along with my own personal sidenotes, analyzing exactly what he’s doing… so you can see just how *DIFFERENTLY* this man thinks about music and why so many artists continue to hire him.)

    You’ll be blessed!

    So rush over to:


    …to see his clips and sign up for the “Early Notification” list so you know exactly what you have to do to take advantage of the special offer I’ll be releasing in exactly 16 days from *NOW*!!!


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