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About Us, my name is Jermaine Griggs and I'm the founder of this site.

I started 10 years ago (August 2000) with the dream of changing the way the world learns music.

I taught myself how to play the piano by ear at age 8 using melodies and chords. I soon landed a job playing for my church childrens choir. As time progressed, I realized I was playing the same patterns over and over in different songs and if I simply focused on mastering as many patterns as I could, there wouldn't be a single song I couldn't learn to play in minutes.

This method of learning songs "on the spot" quickly gave me a reputation in my church community as the kid prodigy who could play anything. At one point, I was playing for 4 churches, my own children's group "Kids In Christ," and my school band (clarinet).

Fast forward a few years, parents began asking me to teach their kids how to "hear" stuff and play it. That birthed the "HearandPlay" concept.

In August 2000, I took $70 and decided to start this website not knowing how popular it would get just a few months later.

Ten years later, over 2 million aspiring musicians download my online lessons every year and over 305,120 loyal students receive my regular newsletters.

Although I went to the University of California and graduated with a degree in Law & Criminology, I returned to to run it full-time here in Orange County, CA.

I'm not your orthodox teacher. Other than playing the clarinet in my youth, I do not sight read. We do not teach sheet music reading here. Everything we do here is "BY EAR." We teach musicians how to hear, feel, and experience music --- not how to read a book "word for word."

We have a unique process and system that has helped thousands of musicians. I've been told I have a knack for teaching and making complex things very simple. I'll let you be the judge of that.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Sarah, and we have two girls and one boy. We employ a staff of five and continue to come up with innovative ways to teach the world music, MY WAY!

Enjoy my lessons and resources!

Jermaine Griggs, Founder

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