"Discover 5 Simple Techniques to Playing Over 94 Toe-tapping, Foot-stomping, Hand-clapping Praise Songs On The Guitar In Just 2 Hours... Even If You're A Flat-Out Beginner!"

Gospel Guitar 101: How To Play Praise Songs On The Guitar --- New!!!

    If you've always wanted to play good old' praise songs on the guitar --- traditional style --- then this is the dvd course for you.

    In this revolutionary 2-hour course, expert guitar instructor Bobby Griffin covers everything from the basics and fundamentals like guitar parts, posture, frets, notes, strings, and strumming to full-sounding praise songs that can be performed in church within weeks, if not DAYS.

    If you're like many, you're probably wondering how a 2-hour course can cover so much ground in such a little time. I'd be thinking the same thing if I were you...

https://www.hearandplay.com/gospelguitar101.jpg    The power is in the revolutionary 5-part structure we invented and have been sharing with piano players since 2003. Only this time, Bobby has applied the award-winning concept to the guitar.

    You'll learn the 5 parts of praise songs and how to play literally dozens of songs just by knowing these easy-to-learn strategies. Each part literally takes only 20 minutes to teach and once you've mastered them, you'll be well on your way to playing tons of praise songs on your own. Some will master the course in weeks... others in days. The "dedicated few" will even master it in hours. Sounds bogus but that's just how easy the 5-part formula is.

(And with my 365-day money-back guarantee, you can return it back for a full refund if you don't find it to be worth every dime you've invested).

    As long as you're willing to put in the effort, you'll have what it takes to master praise songs you'll even be able to play a live church service (if that's your goal). Now, to be fair, this course doesn't cover the "slow" or "worship" stuff (even though worship music uses the same chords... just in a different way).

    This course focuses solely on uptempo, praise songs (so don't say I promised you how to play all styles... I'm promising you the fast, uptempo "praise song" style). It does ONE things and it does it very well rather than those unstructured, scattered courses you've probably seen in the past with the instructors doing anything and everything off the top of their heads. That's not what this is. If you want a "shed" tape or something like that, kindly close this page. This is full-on instruction from someone who knows what they are doing.

    You'll enjoy exploring the various parts of praise songs and how to bring them to life with various chords like major, minor, dominant, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, thirteenths, and even altered chords. Additionally, you'll learn patterns, chord movements, fill-ins, muting, rhythm, and a host of other techniques. Don't let the "101" in the title fool ya. While it starts off very basic with the fundamentals, it quickly moves to the practical side by teaching you real chords and patterns that are found in real songs.

    While this is a beginners course and will introduce you to the basics and fundamentals, it also covers a lot of ground by revealing how to play full praise songs by the end. You'll be playing hand-clapping, foot-stomping songs like "Bless That Wonderful Name Of Jesus," "This Little Light Of Mine," "Glory Glory, Hallelujah," and more. No doubt, by the end of this course, you'll have over 2 dozen new chords mastered (a whopping 288+ chords if you learn them in all 12 keys) and dozens of patterns to apply to real hand-clapping, foot-stomping songs.


  • The five parts to a praise song and how to recognize them with your ear.
  • Various methods to figure out what type of praise song is being sung.
  • Dozens of chords and voicings to keep your praise songs sounding different each time!
  • The difference between "condensed" praise songs and "full form" praise songs ("A-B" vs
    "A-B-C-D" songs)

More Video Samples

  • https://www.hearandplay.com/nothing-held-back.jpgThe same chords, patterns, and praise song structures played in over 100 songs (once you know the structure, you can play tons of these songs
  • How to stack intervals to create any chord you want: major, minor, dominant, diminished, sevenths, ninths, elevenths, thirteenths, and more!
  • Fancy movements that you can easily substitute to make your praise songs sound more flavorful. People will think you've been for years when you bust out with these chords!
  • And much, much more... Click here for more video samples

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Praise songs that can be played using the 5-part formula taught in this course...

    Once you learn the 5-part process, you'll be able to play literally dozens of songs because they all follow the same exact patterns. Most beginning musicians don't know that the only thing changing is the lyrics in many of the praise songs performed in church. As musicians, we play the same exact patterns. Everyone else in the congregation thinks we're so good but what they don't know is we're not playing 7 anything different from one song to the next.

    So as you look at the list below, remember that you'll be able to easily "interchange" these songs without changing anything about what you play. The power is in the 5-step no-brainer process...

A-B Songs
(Mostly sung in Pentecostal, Apostolic and Baptist Churches)

1. God is a Good God
2. Have You Tried Jesus
3. The Devil Thought He Had Me
4. I Don't Know What You've Come To Do
5. I'm a Soldier
6. I Get Joy When I Think About
7. What Do You Know About Jesus
8. You Don't Know Like I Know, What He's Done for Me
9. Praise The Lord Everybody
10. I've Been Runnin' For Jesus A Long Time
11. If You Call On Jesus
12. Take the Lord Along With You
13. If You Can't Tell It, Let Me Tell It
14. My Mind's Made Up To Serve The Lord
15. I Believe I'll Run (See What The End's Going To Be)
16. If It Had Not Been For Jesus, Where Would I Be
17. Lay Your Hands On Me Jesus
18. Any song that's "call and response"

E Only Songs
(Mostly sung in Pentecostal and Apostolic Churches)

19. Jesus Said It
20. Rivers of Living Water
21. What's His Name
22. Scriptures Said it
23. My Soul is a Witness
24. We Need Your Power, Power Lord
25. When I Think of the Goodness Of Jesus
26. My Soul Says Yes, Yes Lord
27. Believe On Me
28. I've Come To Praise His Name (Lift Him Up)
29. Jesus Will Work It Out
30. He's Been Good
31. Clap Your Hands, Praise The Lord
32. Hold Me Jesus
33. I Can Dance All Night

ABCD Songs
(Mostly sung in Baptist Churches)

34. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
35. When I Woke Up Early This Morning
36. This Little Light of Mine
37. Jesus is on the Mainline
38. Praise Him, Praise Him
39. I Believe I'll Testify
40. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus
41. Jesus Gettin' Us Ready For That Great Day
42. One Glad Morning (I'll Fly Away)
43. Glory Glory, Hallelujah
44. I'm On the Battlefield For My Lord
45. Jesus, I'll Never Forget
46. Old Landmark
47. I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
48. Ninety-Nine and a Half Won't Do
49. This Joy That I Have
50. Let Us Sing Til' The Power Of The Lord Come Down
51. Stop now, It's Praying Time
52. It's Another Day's Journey and I'm So Glad

Mixed Songs
(A B C D E in different orders)
(Sung In Various Denominations)

53. What a Mighty God We Serve
54. Get Right Church and Let's Go Home
55. I've Got a Feeling
56. COGIC Theme Song
57. He's the Joy of My Salvation
58. Victory is Mine (version 1)
59. Victory, Victory Shall be Mine (version 2)
60. Oh, Magnify the Lord
61. He Has Made Me Glad
62. I Know It Was the Blood
63. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me


64. This Is The Day
65. O, When the Saints Go Marchin' In
66. I've Been Running for Jesus A Long Time
67. We've Come To Praise Him
68. I Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed On Jesus
69. It Will Be Alright
70. Love Lifted Me
71. What A Fellowship
72. In the Name of Jesus
73. Jesus, Be A Fence
74. I'm Enjoying Jesus, Hallelujah
75. I Feel Good Down In My Soul
76. More Abundantly
77. King Jesus (As Long as I Got King Jesus)
78. I've Got A Testimony
79. God's Got a Blessing For You.
80. Battlefield
81. I Love To Praise Him
82. Do Lord Remember Me
83. Go Tell It On the Mountain (fast)
84. Sign Me Up
85. Jesus Is Mine
86. I Love To Tell The Story
87. There's Power In The Blood
88. Faith, Faith, Faith, Just A Little Bit of Faith
89. Blessed Be The Name of The Lord
90. Joy Bells Keep Ringing In My Soul
91. Wonderful Counselor
92. Something Mighty
93. Hold Me In The Palm Of Your Hands
94. I Just Came To Praise The Lord

And many many more

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