The Differences Between "GK 500 - Uptempo Shouting Music"  & "GK 300- Praise Songs and Charismatic Styles"

The difference is that GospelKeys 300 focuses more on praise songs like "God is a Good God" and "What a Mighty God We Serve." Notice that these types of songs are usually led by a vocalist and have a logical order that the musician must follow. In GospelKeys 300, you learn the differences between these "linear" praise songs (some are called "AB" praise songs which consists of mainly two parts ... "A" and "B" alternating between each other. "Call and Response" songs like "Have You Tried Jesus" are commonly "AB" songs while "Bless that Wonderful Name of Jesus" is what I call an "ABCD"  praise song. "ABCD" songs have four parts that occur one after the other. There is no sense of alternation between two main parts like the "AB" songs. Rather, you get a sense of beginning and end as the song wraps back around for another round. In "AB" songs, the mood is more continuous with no feeling of beginning or end until the vocalist chooses to stop singing. There is also a part E, which can be found in almost all praise songs. In all, you study five different parts (A thru E). More info on GK 300

In GospelKeys 500 (Experiencing Uptempo Shouting Music), you learn a more nonlinear way of playing fast uptempo music. The first major difference is that shouting music is usually twice the speed of the praise songs listed above. Since there is no vocalist, there is really no logical order to follow, for the most part. Therefore, shouting music allows the musician to have more liberty to move in many directions, modulate, and add various fill-ins, when needed. These directions are systematically taught as the "Shouting Intro," "Main Loop Period," and "Cool-Down" in GospelKeys 500. "Liberty" to switch between different movements does not mean that shouting music is just out of control and without order. There are linear ways to play shouting music these days where all musicians actually stay on one accord moving from one pattern to the other. This style of shouting music is covered in GospelKeys 500 as well. At the end of the day, whether accompanying a praise leader (GospelKeys 300) or leading an uptempo "shout" (GospelKeys 500), both skills are equally important.

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