"Free 34-Minute Video Reveals How To Start Playing By Ear And Quickly & Easily Figuring Out The Key To Any Song Within Minutes"

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Originally Created February 11, 2009

If you were helped by the information in this free 34-minute video, then I highly recommend you invest in my all-new 80-minute Audio Training Course, "Hear & Play 705 - How To Find The Key To Any Song."

In this new 80-minute audio course, I take it even further and show you dozens of different techniques to find the key to any song, quickly! After all, playing by ear STARTS HERE. If you can't find the key a song is in, you can't play it. (So take this skill seriously...)


https://www.hearandplay.com/705small.jpgHear and Play 705 Audio: How To Find The Key To Any Song

If you've always wanted to become skilled at quickly finding the key of any song, this 80-minute audio course will walk you, step-by-step through the complete process.


  • The multiple roles of every tone of the scale and how they can hint at what key you're truly in.

  • How to determine what tone of the scale is the true "tonic" --- the home base of your song.

  • A simple 2-step "litmus test" that will confirm you've determined the correct key.

  • How to find the key of a song within 10 seconds and never be clueless again.

  • And much more!


$79.00 (Special Offer: 2 monthly payments of $17)


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